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Friday, July 22, 2011

How to keep healthy your MS windows for long time

To secure your windows do these steps--

1.Keep a Linux distro whether Live or Installed to save your windows. A Linux system is free from window viruses so before inserting a Pendrive into windows insert into the linux system and copy,cut and paste only the desired file or folder. In most of the cases you can easily see viruses in a Pen Drive like autorun.inf kinda stuff.It also helps in rescue or repair of windows.

2. If you are die hard internet surfer then I recommend a virtual setup for net surfing. Means if you go lots of unrecognized sites then they can put you in danger. In that case install virtualbox or vmware workstation then put your new copy of windows in it. Then surf net in it .
If any wrong happens you will have nothing to fear about. Just delete that virtual windows. Make sure your you keep a copy of that virtual drive before any wrong happens{Just needed one time}. If you want this virtual OS to be more secure/stable then install linux in it to browse the net while surfing the unsafe contents [u know what i mean]. Linux mint is recommended as it has all codecs preinstalled to browse or play the contents like flash ...

3. Try to avoid using administrator account. For any administrative task create an account with different name with admin power. Create a limited account for normal and day-to-day usage.
4. Keep a windows maintenance software         ( Advanced System Care/Ccleaner recommonded )

5. Keep windows Autoplay off ( Reference is here )

6. Keep a privacy software like Spybot search and destroy. It also detects the registry changes.

7. Try to avoid using Internet Explorer as its very much integrated with windows. Chrome or mozilla is recommended

8. Keep a firewall { Zone Alarm recommended }

9. Keep your windows update

10. Keep your windows antivirus update ( Mcafee and Bitdefender recommended)

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