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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why you should give Linux a try

Ever since I heard about linux. I love the concept and ideology . Since then I am using it, started from RedHat. But it seems like redhat didn't liked my system it hanged often then I moved to fedora but still I didn't get the stability then somebody told me about Ubuntu. Since then I used 9.04,9.10,10.04. And still I love the ubuntu/debian/mint. My search for stable/fine linux ended when I moved to Linux Mint. But the thing is when you use linux there is always a learning curve . It was made by geek for the geek. But now it can be as useful as MS OSes. If you are very new to Linux mint and Ubuntu are good distros to start with . Once you get to know Linux it will be more fun day by day . Earlier I was not a big fan of Linux but once I learned something about it, I use windows for only windows specific tasks.
You should give a try to LINUX because as you always try to explore new brands of same thing to see whether it is different or not. Linux is very different to windows this is why you should give a try to see how and why it is different...
There is good blog to read why linux is not windows

For those who are very new or going to be the first time user of Linux you should try Linux Mint

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