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Saturday, September 3, 2011

cool chrome offline apps

1. Offline gmail ::A very nice offline app to show your mails.. It has very nice and clean interface. check the screenshot below
Here is link you can add this cool app to your chrome/chromium __[[[offline google mail]]]__

2.  Calculator:: You may have calculator inbuilt with your OS and may be better than this, but its easy to open this calculator rather than opening the program menu and open that OS calci..
Here is the LINK__[[[offline Calculator]]]__
note: this is a unit converter also see the screenshot below
offline unit converter

3. Calcunow:: Another good calculator with a simplified interface and with instant result as type
Download this from google chrome web store. Follow the following tlink to Download:-

4. Turn Off the Lights:: This one is cool for watching video specially HTML5 videos . Works like charm watching youtube videos and others videos having white background other than videos. See the screenshot below..  Follow the following tlink to Download:-
___[[[Turn Off the Lights]]]___

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