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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Must have chrome extensions/apps

Google chrome web store is a cool place to hang out for sometime.. You can search your needed extensions but sometimes just want to get your work done quickly..So here is my compilation of some cool chrome extensions...Let me know if you know something better and different..

1. Reverse image Search: This term may be new to you {Indeed its a new term}...You must visited google to search some images of somebody..But do you ever thought to search image by image{attention not by keyword}.. Like if you have to search logo of apple then you should have a logo of apple already ..If you find this situation difficult then this extension is not for you ...Benefits of reverse image search:::
          1.1 You may find original origin of your picture 
          1.2 You can get better resolution 
          1.3 You can get better clarity 
          1.4 You can find how many sites using your pic
          1.5 You may find your clone (means someone close by your looks)
I would two extensions for this one by google itself and other by
       Search by Image (by Google)
  TinEye Reverse Image Search
2. To be continue..........

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