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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Durga Pooja in Sasaram 2011

I have not been to sasaram in Navratra since 2005. I always miss my home town's Dussehera. In sasaram or another towns like Dehri-on-Sone there is a culture of making so called "pundals". For you , you can call it a temporary Temple where Maa Durga resides during navratra and where you can worship her.
The city is crazy about making "pundaals".Each year there is a virtual competition among them i.e. who is building the best this year. These pundals can be of any shape and size depending on their funds or current affairs.
 Here are some snapshots from Sasaram

1. The Decoration of GATE OF SHER SHAH SURI....{at GT Road}

2. A pundaal in New Area they always built it on Water see below 

3. London Bridge in Nooran Gunj ...

4. View from Faijal Gunj ...

5. View at Rauja Road

6. Our own Takiya Bazaar...

7. A unique pundaal at Karan Sarai..

photo Credits:: Gyan Jaiswal

Hope you like it...Jai mata Di


  1. oh wow gr8 work..yaar..awesome..thnx a u kno me..???
    plz add 1 pic of me also...

  2. jai mata di...happy vijyadashmi...