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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google Doodle Home Page with a new Look

We all are aware that Google is changing its looks of its services one by one....
I don't remember much the order of change but I think Google changed its search page first.
1. Google Search{}
2. Google Image Search {google image search results}
3. Adsense Interface
4. Blogger Interface
5. Gmail Interface
6. Analytic Interface
7. Youtube's Look
The above changes are without any URL changes but Doodle has changed its URL slightly..
Here ends your Excitement .....

Giving you an Example..
Diego Rivera's 125th Birthday's Doodle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ever wondered what kind of database Google uses ???

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Must Have Linux apps / applications / software

This is the List of Must have Linux apps for the normal desktop users. These are the apps so famous/useful that you can find these apps easily in your Distro's Repository. Doesn't matter whether you are on a rpm based distro or debian based distro or you are on a Gentoo Distro.
Comment any remaining app if you think that should be in this List
1. p7zip           {7zip for the Linux}
2. k3b              {CD/DVD Burner}
3. chromium-browser {Open source version of Google-Chrome}
4. pdfsam         {extract /merge pdf file}
5. pdfchain       {modify/edit pdf files}
6. kget             {Download manager}
7. gparted        {Partition Manager}
8. virtualbox
9. multiget        {Download manager}
10. ktouch        {keyboard typing learning}
11. krusader     {equivalent to winscp may be considered as replacement of filezilla}
12. vlc               {Do I need Explain this}
13. empathy      {integrate your facebook,gmail,yahoo chat in single app}
14. calibre         { it is library management tool for the ebooks supporting various formats like -mobi and pub}
15. youtube-dl   { Download youtube videos from your terminal, very easy to use }
16. banshee        {My personal music player }
                                                                .....list to be continued....
install above in one go...
sudo apt-get install  p7zip k3b chromium-browser pdfsam  pdfchain  youtube-dl calibre vlc  krusader kget multiget banshee

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

South Asian Band Festival 2011 at Purana Quila

I have been visited this kind of band festival for the first time . And Liked it very much. I was able collect some snaps of it. Hope you like it...

1. Part 1 ..
2. Part-2
3. Part-3 

Friday, December 2, 2011

girlfriend - Boyfriend Husband - Wife SMS / Jokes

5. बीवी ने अपना पोट्रेट बनवाया फिर कुछ सोच कर पेंटर को कहा की गले में नवलखा हार भी डाल दो 

पेंटिंग बन्ने के बाद पेंटर ने पूछा आपने ऐसा क्यों किया।। 
बीवी बोली कभी मे मर गयी तो ये दूसरी शादी कर लेंगे 

नई वाली आएगी तो ये हार ढूंढेगी और मिलेगा नहीं तो झगड़ा होगा 
तब मेरी आत्मा को सच्चा सुकून मिलेगा .

4. मौलवी: "किसी को इस शादी से ऐतराज़ है ?

एक आवाज़ आई "हां मुझे है"

मौलवी - अमा यार तुम चुप रहो,
तुम दूल्हे हो, तुम्हें तो ज़िंदगी भर
रहेगा ।

3 ..
 DECENT THOUGHT 4 ALL THE GIRLS:: Agar Husband BHAGWAN smaan hota hai toh... . . BOYFREIND bhi Chota-Mota DEVTA mana hi ja sakta hai!! 


Boyfrnd:- me tuje kab call karu?? Grlfrnd:- jab tum chaho tab.. ...
Boyfrnd:- kal mene call kiya tha.. Grlfrnd:- ha, utni jaldi nai uthti. 
Boyfrnd:- ha, to me kal 11 baje call karunga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to papa ghar pe hoge.. 
Boyfrnd:- to 3 baje call karuga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to lunch ka time hoga,.
Boyfrnd:- to 5 baje.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to favrite serial he.. 
Boyfrnd:- to rat ko call karuga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, rat ko sab vapas ghar hote he.. 
Boyfrnd:- to me aakhir call kab karu?? Grlfrnd:- jab tum chaho :p (

1. Different types of Girlfriend/Wife fighting with their boyfriend/Husband...

Pilot's Girlfriend : Zyada ud Matt Samjha

Teacher's Girlfriend : Mujhe mat Sikhao Samjhe

Dentist's Girlfriend : Daant tod ke hath me de dungi

C.A.'S Girlfriend : Hisaab se reh samjha...

Engineer's Girlfriend : "Abey pehle Pass toh ho ja fir baat karna" :D :-P