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Saturday, February 18, 2012

updating linux / mint / ubuntu / debian offline

If you are a linux promoter then you get situations where you want to update your friend's system quickly.
Then there is a workaround for you. Follow these steps::

1. copy your updates from any system{updated system} the files are located in /var/cache/apt/archive 
as .deb packages
2. Open any folder as administrator
3. Then copy all update to the folder /var/cache/apt/archive
now update your system as usual..
This may save your 30-40 min depends upon number of updates......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Opening PDF where you left {Read it Last Time}

Most of the time you want to reopen the pdf file where you read it last time in case you are a regular pdf book reader. By default Adobe Reader starts from the start but you can easily change this option.

Go to Adobe Reader's menu---
edit  >>preferences(ctrl + k ) >>Categories >documents>>check the unchecked one - restore last view settings when reopening documents

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introduction to Command Line Facebook [ fbcmd ]

I recently came across this cool thing. How many of you even thought of updating your status from a command line. This seems to be a good thing.
Benefits of the fbcmd::::
1. fool other by showing them working on cmd/CLI {while you actually do facebooking}
2. you can actually save bandwidth{as it won't show any pics/ads}
3. Its Open Source
4. try evading firewalls

Here are the Links for you
official Site-            

fb Page-                  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Make executable jar in Linux

1. Put your .class files in a folder
2. create a file manifest.txt in that folder and type
Main-Class: ClassNameContainigMainMethod
this line inside that file and this line should end with a return{enter key}
3. then create a jar with this command{cd to go to above folder by terminal}
jar cvfm MyExecJar.jar manifest.txt *.class
4. make this jar executable by the command 
chmod +x MyExecJar.jar
Now you can double click to run this program/jar

Disable autoLogin in Linux Mint

Once I have felt to do this...
the file need to edited is
change the line
 AutomaticLoginEnable=true to AutomaticLoginEnable=false