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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't afraid using Torrent - Use Torrent legally

Many of us don't know the real use of so called "Torrent". Torrent is actually a P2P{Peer to Peer} file sharing functionality. It has been wrongly used to download illegal stuffs{you know what I mean}from a long time. But its basic idea was to remove the dependency from a single point{so called server}. A single file can be downloaded from hundreds of people having the same file. The use of torrent have multiple benefits during a file download....

1. Heavily reduces the server traffic{load} to download the large files. simple example-
the site contain three options ....a. Torrent {Almost zero dependency on the site } b. direct download {server has to be always live to get the ISO downloaded....worst option from  a server point of view..} c. metalink {almost provides same functionality as torrent ...client remains the same like utorrent}...

2. Faster download speeds...{Usually every server has a download speed cut-off may ...Usually its under 2 MBPS...but with torrent there is no limit, you can download a file  with any speed ...depends how many seeders are there for the file...

3. Good Pause(Resume) support - Every torrent client has support to pause/resume the download at any time. Direct download sometimes fails to do that..

So the bottoms line is - Whenever you go for a large download , search for torrent option if present use definitely ...Usually all open source project provides torrent link on their official site...{This is what the real use of torrent}
Here is my kget and Transmission screenshots..

Transmission torrent download


  1. try qBittorrent
    lots more options on file handling and speed control

  2. @Ru-Men--Me too prefer transmission but some times it chokes all other connected devices.....

    @Morgan- I will try qBitorrent...