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Monday, September 24, 2012

Access internet using phone { Nokia } through Bluetooth in Linux

If your phone supports PC internet connectivity through  bluetooth then chances are high that you can connect your phone to your Linux PC through bluetooth and enjoy the net surfing without installing any addition application.
There are several posts when Nokia users want Nokia PC suite for Linux to just connect to Linux PC for ineternet.
Connecting through data cable is fairly simple , just connect with Nokia PC Suite Mode and choose your carrier in the setttings....
Below are the screenshots to see how can we configure to connect a Nokia Phone to PC for internet via bluetooth . Click on bluetooth icon on your bar and select Set up a New Device...

Now check the second one Access the internet using your mobile phone

Now just go to your network icon and select Idea Cellular default{In my case} yours may be other network providers..


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Screen / Desktop Recording in Gnome 3 { Linux } or above

There is always a great demand of a good screen recorder in Linux from a long time , so Gnome 3 included in as a inbuilt app without much hype . It is pretty simple app . You press the required buttons and it starts recording {as simple as that }.
The  shortcut to launch the Screen Recorder is Control+Shift+Alt+R.
The shortcut remain the same to stop the recording.
The recorded file goes into the home folder and it is named as shell-date-n.webm
The benefit of webm file is - that you can play this file in any modern browser.

See the Gnome 3 Screen Recorder in action below{Right below corner -The red dot}

This is tested on Linux mint 12 . Hopefully it should work on all distro that includes Gnome 3 like-
Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13, Open Suse 12.2 ...etc