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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Screen / Desktop Recording in Gnome 3 { Linux } or above

There is always a great demand of a good screen recorder in Linux from a long time , so Gnome 3 included in as a inbuilt app without much hype . It is pretty simple app . You press the required buttons and it starts recording {as simple as that }.
The  shortcut to launch the Screen Recorder is Control+Shift+Alt+R.
The shortcut remain the same to stop the recording.
The recorded file goes into the home folder and it is named as shell-date-n.webm
The benefit of webm file is - that you can play this file in any modern browser.

See the Gnome 3 Screen Recorder in action below{Right below corner -The red dot}

This is tested on Linux mint 12 . Hopefully it should work on all distro that includes Gnome 3 like-
Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13, Open Suse 12.2 ...etc

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