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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shimla again 23-24 march 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Must have android Apps

1. Device management
   1.1. AirDroid  ::
AirDroid is an awesome free app that lets you wirelessly/wired manage your Android from your browser.
   1.2. Astro  ::
I use astro basically for backing up my installed apps
2. Productivity 
 2.1 Evernote::
This is best note app you can get free. Seemless sync across devices/platforms
2.2 Dropbox ::
Dropbox get you 2 GB of free cloud storage with no restriction on file or file length. Through referral you can increase it to 24 GB. Its amazing sync lets you sync across multiple devices or platforms[Window/Linux/Mac is out of box supported] 
3. Browsers.
3.1 Opera Classic::
Favorite due to ease of use and functions . My favorite since my Nokia time.
3.2 Google Chrome
This browser lets you sync tabs and bookmarks in real time
3.3 Firefox
During the time this browser has become much smoother,faster and easier to use. It can easily replace your stock android browser or chrome.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Syncing a folder without copying it to Dropbox folder

You can sync a folder in dropbox without pasting that folder into your Dropbox syncing folder.
So here it goes how .
For Windows
1. open the command prompt
2. type mklink /D yourDropBoxSyncLocation\linked_folder   folder_tobelink
eg ::

command :: mklink /D C:\Users\"Rahul Kumar"\Dropbox\linkedMusic  C:\Users\"Rahul kumar"\Music
symbolic link created for C:\Users\Rahul Kumar\Dropbox\linkedMusic <<===>> C:\Us
ers\Rahul kumar\Music

For Linux
1. Make a link of the folder{folder-Right Click-Make Link} which you want to sync .
2. Cut-Paste this linked folder into the Dropbox
3. You are all done. {See above -the folder is a just a link -But Content will be synced into this folder }

Turning off Android apps / Games ads

You might be knowing this , but its better to tell than not . This may be useful to new Android users.
Before going to play a game in which ads are bothering you just turn of mobile data/Wi-Fi (if the game is not depended on mobile data/Internet). As the ads coming in Apps comes directly from web . So turning off mobile data/ internet should work ..