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Friday, September 6, 2013

Equality Society and Mathematics

I always try to analyse day to day things from my perspective. I always wonder about so called equality. Whether in mathematics or in society.  Let's try to understand it better with simple examples.
If somebody breaks a red-light what is the fine ?? let's say 200 RS. and its same for all people .
This is so called equality from our law. I simply don't agree. Because 200 RS doesn't value same for all people. A person earning million and a person earning thousands do have same feeling for 200 RS ???
NO right?
 Then how can we say law is same for all??
That's why I am always a fan of %[Percentage] in mathematics. It gives the real feel of equality for humans. If you spend 10% of your income. No matter how much you earn your feeling and a person whose income is 40% of your income will feel the same. Isn't it??
   So in my opinion for any service which is supposed to be in the category of equality  should  contain a equation like
                                             y= z*x +k;

  • y= Service cost
  • z= constant variable dependent on service in percentage , z>0 [Same for all for one service]
  • x= Annual or monthly income. x>=0
  • k= Constant dependent on service,K>0
So we will reach a graph roughly like
Now let's set an expected real working example of redlight jump now with the above equation.
As jumping redlight is a serious offence then I can set this equation as 
y= 1% of monthly income +200 RS.

So a person earning 10000 as monthly salary will end up paying the fine as :  1% of 10000+200=300
and a person earning 100000 as monthly salary will end up paying the fine as :  1% of 100000+200=1200

This way is we can spread equality. I have no idea is there such rule exits?? If know such rule anywhere in world let me know.
I want to know your opinion in comments. Feel free to say whatever comes in your mind.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Previous call to my MAMA

I have been always fond of renewable energy.  I always try to figure out that are we doing this right or there are changes  of further improvement ...?
So out of this curiosity I called my mama to get knowledge regarding solar panels who has great experience of dealing with electronics and electric devices. He has already 4 panels. He answered my questions as:
Price : 10 k max per solar plate 
Power: 9A per solar plate 
Warranty : 25 years!! 
What he suggested  for my family  is that two solar panels  will be more than enough for any season. That means initial investment of 20 k. Because we already have Battery-inverter . He told that we can easily  run 2 fans,  a motor for pumping our water to roof top, a PC. A normal household appliance usually works on 5A. So there is enough power generated by these two solar panels to run our household appliances in the day with the inverter charging the battery simultaneously, which can be used in night to run the fans and lit the bulb or CFL.  
 So on the average one can easily  save 300 rs per month on the average from electricity bill .  So at this minimum rate in 5-6 years your investment will be recovered and you will be helping in reducing your carbon footprint as well as your country's.  This saving of electricity will save us from

   1. Burning our money or creating  a hole in our pocket 
   2. Burning coal which can lead us to following benefits 
            2a. Reduction of carbon dioxide 
            2b. Help us making save our forest which usually get destroyed in the process of coal digging. 
   3. Less dependence on government 
   4. Global warming 
   5. Fear of electricity crisis in chilling summer (April to july)

so I have some questions in my mind after the call 

  •  Why government is not advertising or promoting this green thing /or any green technology?
  • Why government is not trying to solve our problems permanently 
  • Why can't they make a necessary rule to implement this who can easily afford this setup. 
  • Why government is feared to take hard steps, just because that they may loose votes? They may loose governance. 
Note: MAMA= My mom's brother