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Monday, May 19, 2014

Open letter to Nitish Kumar

To be very frank I was always a fan of Nitish Kumar from the days he was rail minister of India in the NDA Govt. Even the electronic railway counter of Sasaram was inaugurated by him. So it was very obvious for me to like him . He  made three lane three parallel railway track from Mughalsarai to Dehri on Sone which always covers Sasaram. So I was very found of his visions. 

Then NDA Govt. fell but in the state elections he became our C.M. We knew that he will become one of  the famous CMs of all time, and he did no lesser, the second state election gave him clear verdict that every body likes him. He had done tremendous work in those 5 years . There is no denying of his hard work. Due to/during his reign Biharis got respect everywhere .But things changed very much in 2013. Modi was elected as PM candidate from BJP /NDA. Then our CM mr got this ideological conflict from BJP.Nothing was wrong boycotting Modi as he might be major reason for fight between Hindus n Muslims (our brothers) .

In my opinion what got Mr. Kumar wrong is that he broke long relationship to NDA in the name of secularism. Mr Kumar may be right that Modi is not that much secular. But the thing is -a friend's friend is a friend. So modi became your friend directly or indirectly. If he is not secular it's a friend duty to teach him the lesson of Unity and secularism. I will give you mine example. A very fast friend of mine used to tease and taunt girls. Once I listen these comments and got to know my friends reality, I gave him lessons and I got no complaints further  . So being in NDA you may have changed Mr Modi's mindset but you chose different path. And you decided to resign if Modi becomes PM. We love your visions don't leave the post which truly deserves you.

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