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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Calorie Myth

Usually we live with a notion that only fat and calorie control can make us healthy or slim. While cutting down fat we tend to take more calories in terms of sugar or some other chemical stuff we don't know(Try reading your ingredient of food- how many of terms are known to you or you have seen before.).

To control our diet people often tends to starve themselves and live on some kind of snacks and while doing it they forget that there are missing a lot of ingredients which are essential part of their diet. Human anatomy is very complex, so doing researches are not sufficient to make us healthy, we have to borrow some healthy habit from our culture too.
 One of thing of the greatest line our culture has taught that: 
  • Breakfast is very important
  • Breakfast can be as heavy as you like it.
  • Lunch should be lighter than breakfast
  • Dinner should be lightest one
  • Summed up:[Breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and dine like a poor person]
Breakfast boost our metabolism too, if we skip that then it will be slow for whole day then eating less will be heavy for you. So now we understand that how important is a breakfast. But in the morning we are usually not very hungry so we tend to skip the breakfast. The problem lies how to make breakfast quickly and deliciously. 
Then Kellogg's Cornflakes comes for your rescue. 

Here are some very quick, delicious and easy to make recipes for every occasion.
  • Apple Cinnamon 
  • Banana Cinnamon Cornflakes
  • Cabbage Corn Salad
  • Cornflake Coconut Ladoos

  • Choco Mint Cornflakes
  • Cornflakes Kewra Badam Kheer
  • Cheesy Cornflakes
  • Cornflakes Crumble Mango Custurd
  • Cornflakes Rose Falooda
  • Cornflakes Khatta Moong
  • Cornflakes Chana Chaat

  • Cornflakes Date Shake
  • Honey Nuts Cornflakes
  • Peach Cornflakes
  • Very Strawberry Cornflakes

The video shows how these recipes are suited for a particular occasion or celebration. But you can suit yourself in any way that serves your purpose. Like-: My purpose is to serve my family something new recipes in regular interval of day. I like to cook for my mom especially. She is very found of my chapatis. Usually when she cooks herself, she used to take maximum of 2 of it. But when I cook for her, she never settles less than 3. 4 is the normal count for her if I have made chapatis for her. 
When I saw GuptaJi family on TV and saw how Ms. Gupta can make these awesome breakfasts within few minutes. I can't resist myself wanted to get invited to their house.
I have tried Banana Cinnamon Cornflakes and found it very easy to make by myself and loved it taste. Due to Banana it let my hunger stay away from me for longer time.
Here is how other people wanted the same.
And lastly I want to add one more thing, make sure your breakfast has lots of dietary fibres, carbs , proteins etc. Some amount of fat is not all that bad. 
These are the reason there is a facebook page named as . 
i.e. having a cereal breakfast is very important for us.
Find here the channel of Kellog to get more recipes and updates

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