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Friday, June 19, 2015

What I love about Delhi - Part 1

If I start writing what I love about Delhi in a single blog then it will fall under the category called - tl;dr. That's why this is the first part only and rest will follow sooner. Part -1 is the basic of the any living being i.e. food. I love Delhi because of the food varieties present here to sooth or burn your sense.

If you live in Delhi, I bet you will never your home food. You may belong to North India, South India, NorthEast  India or even if you don't belong to India. You will always get your favourite food somewhere in Delhi. Be it north Delhi, south Delhi, east Delhi or west Delhi you will always find something to satisfy your taste buds.

I have been living mostly in east delhi since last 8 years still I have serious doubt that I know all the eat joints here. I will try to cover my favourite places as many as I can.

East Delhi: If you ever visit in East Delhi area with some space in your stomach be sure to get it filled here. I will start from best thing around Vikash Marg then inner areas. The first place I liked the most is Nazeer of Pandav Nagar even you can enjoy it in V3S mall too but its little costly there. Then we can go to Bobby Tikki Wala in Preet Vihar. Then we can move to Geeta Colony for various cuisine, for chicken visit Chawla Chicken Corner   for veg visit Ramesh Vaishno Dhaba- it is famous for its chaap. Going little furthe in laxminagar , I love special kind of dessert named as "Traffic Jam" in Mangal Bazar. This actually creates traffic jam there. You have to go in evening to see its effect.

West Delhi: West Delhi is also the place where you can find cheap and best and as well as not so cheap but best things. If you have any doubt regarding any other west delhi joint go to Rajouri Garden or Karol Bagh with your eyes closed. I will give some name - you can help yourself thereafter. Lights Camera Action - Air Bar --- its filmy style+ awesome taste. Roshan Di Kulfi,Red Brick Cafe- in Karol Bagh.

South Delhi: South Delhi also packs the same punch as above with some extra class. Go to Hauz Khas village for some romantic dinner/lunch/bars. If you stuck in Nehru Place for some gadgets don't forget to eat Rajma Chaawal  or Palak Paneer rice there.

North Delhi: Ricos at GTB for students hangouts,

Saturday, June 13, 2015

That day - Part 1

What we usually plan doesn't end that way always. This holds true for smaller period as soon as longer period too. Even planning for a single day can go wrong by several factors.So what I planned ahead of the day was to get her admission to MBA college and after that we have to go to Hauz Khas village to celebrate her admission. I didn't tell her in advance this planning. I wanted to tell her my planning only after the admission.The day was 12th of June 2015.Before going to sleep on 11th June  I adjusted my alarm to 6:30 am. But I woke up around 5:35 am. So nevertheless I woke up and finished my ritual at a slower rate to kill some more time.Left my flat around 6:50 as I had to meet her at Saket. I reached Saket at 7:50, and my girlfriend came at 7:55😊. We reached the college at 9:30 am to get admission. But it was to be started at 10 so we did a small and quick breakfast.

We reached to the waiting hall where candidates were being called for the admission one by one. We were fifth by the arrival of time.
But they went on ranking basis. Which she was 24 out of 30. Seeing this our estimated time to leave campus shifted to 2 pm from 12 pm. So my surprise party plan also shifted.
We were in the waiting hall sitting for our turn not knowing when our turn will come up, this made us bore to the hell with nothing to do and nobody else to talk.

As we were in the waiting hall all we could do is whisper while talking. This was one of the boring day of our life with even our phones died in the search of removing boredom.
Boredom drained our all energy gathered through light breakfast even to remove our seriousness we have to move into the waiting room here and there with no motive.
We got free around 4 pm then we had some snacks . As we had no energy we thought to go to our homes, but somehow the idea of getting boozed in our favorite bar kept us motivated as I told her my plan for the day.

Now we were in our favorite bar in the Hauz Khas village having pitcher and pizza as snacks, then suddenly we noticed that they were organizing DJ night with Allu Arju and Anushka Manchanda.
I am a huge fan of Anushka Manchanda and she gets blown by Allu's dance step. Before reading this information we were two lazy people enjoying the booze with no intention of moving any body part. But as the party started we feed energy to ourselves through eyes(Allu's Dance) and ears(Anushka Manchanda's singing).

Dance and song stared with Dance Basanti , then followed by Dum Maaro Dum then many more mixed songs. Both of them totally rocked the dance floor. We both danced for straight 4 hours despite of being tired and bored through out the day. When we woke up next we were rejuvenated ie we had our #MaxFreshMove .. Thanks Allu and Anushka we both love you .

I am blogging for activity Are you?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Confidence to Come Closer

Face is like outlook of our personality. It helps us to make the first impression which can be converted to last impression. Sometimes we forget what someone said we just remember their look. That's where we have to strike without any hesitation to  come closer.
Many of us look cool from a distance but when come closer to each other one can notice many changes in the faces. It can be pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, rashes, dryness, oiliness, tan etc. That's where we may face lack of confidence to talk to someone by getting close. This video shows what I want to convey.

If there are problems then there are solutions too. Let's talk about how can we have radiant and glowing skin. Let's start with some natural remedies:

1. Water: Water is best medicine when you want your skin to be healthy and glowing. There are two ways of water intake which will tackle various skin problems. ACNE- If you have acne or pimple then try morning water therapy. In this way of water intake what you do is- Drink 2-3 glasses of water just after waking up - even before brushing your teeth. GLOW:- To get glowing skin you have to drink plenty of water during you whole-day. How much water depends upon you. But 3 litres are minimum. Maximum can be how much you feel like to drink. HYDRATION: This is not a water intake procedure but its a water splash technique, in this whenever you feel like your skin needs some refreshment , just splash with water for 2-5 minutes. This will help your skin to absorb the water and give you a hydrated skin.

2. Food: Food is the basis/basic of our life. What we eat reflects on body and mind. We can have control over our mind but if we eat wrong kind of food, it will surely affect our body. Acne/pimple can grow or can get worse if we don't have proper kind of food. Only a balanced diet can help us to get good skin. It should have proper proportion of all of the nutrients like - fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates , fibers etc.

3. Turmeric: Turmeric has been a proven medicine to get a glowing skin as well as it can treat various skin problems. That's why there is Haldi Ceremony in our weddings in India. Reason is simple: If you apply Turmeric your skin will get better enough to get married. It helps us to fight acne, blackheads, whiteheads etc.

4.  Gram Flour(Besan):   Cosmetic face wash leaves various chemicals on your face/skin as a residue. And you never know if it is safe for you or not. But besan is our natural face wash. Which has no side effects at all. It is a natural cleanser. It reduces oiliness as well as dryness.

Our Ayurveda has done it for us. But in today's hectic life we usually don't have much time to follow all the guidelines of Ayurveda that's where VICCO Turmeric Cream comes to rescue us. Follow the link to know more about the VICCO Turmeric Cream

It is a nice  replacement for our Ayurveda needs, as it contains same natural materials. That's why it does the same work like removing pimples, blackheads and give you a glowing radiant skin, so that you can say confidently to #ComeCloser.