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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yes, the champ is back again

Hello Friends- As we all know the name "Google" always fascinates us in itself. There is a belief and image that google has produced is incredible in itself.

We have a different mindset for google products whether it is Android OS, Chromebook or Nexus phone. Google has introduced all the features of a best Smartphone in Nexus. The price of this phone is completely worth according to its specification. This Nexus 5X has been designed and created by LG Electronics released in Sep 2015.

It has the latest version of Android OS which is Marshmallow. A new technology has been used in this smartphone for maximize the battery utilization. The smartphone is having accelerometer, gyroscope and fingerprint as in built deviices which senses the movements to save the power for maximum battery utilization. It is available in 16 GB
as well as 32 GB hard drive.
This phone is going to give tough competition to other smartphones like iPhones and samsung smartphones in its category.
 It has a latest 1.8 GHz hexa 64 bit processor which has tremendously fast responsive time.
  It has 12.3 MP primary camera with 1.55 micrometer pixel size and 5 MP secondary camera with 1.4 micrometer pixel size.
 It is very light with 136g as a weight.
 It has full HD display with corning Gorilla Glass 3.
 It also feature finger print based authentication

 The people who will be using smartphones and fond of smartphone will be attracted towards this for sure because of its specifications and new smart features. This will surely beat all its competitors in its category of smartphones. The touch is wonderful and quite sensitive. The people who have already another version of Nexus will surely be fascinated towards this because of its look and features. This is going to be another success of Nexus for sure because ot its newly invented features and specifications.
“I am participating in the#ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ye Noida hai bhai

If you are a frequent traveller to Noida you must have heard this term, "Ye Noida hai bhai/bhaiya yahan aise hi chalta hai".
So what are the common things you can find here occurring commonly. I would like to list few of them here, comment the things you find the same or different .
  • The most irritating thing for me is unnecessary honking. Every morning my mind looses it peace.
  • Redlight jumping.
  • What is hell is "zebra crossing ". Nobody knows it.
  • Halting the car/tempo/bus in the middle of road.
  • Chain /Mobile snatching
  • When it's redlight even if your left turn is free you won't get any path due to congestion made by vehicles waiting for redlight.
  • Footpath is the extra place where bikers can ride if its possible.
  • Using foot over bridge is too much
  • Even car theft is not a big deal here.
  • Usual electricity fluctuations
  • Lack of good public transport inside Noida. It basically rely on DTC buses of Delhi and Vikram tempo(auto)

I have been living in Delhi NCR for past 8 years, and ask any delhite will you prefer living in noida with same facilities available. I hope 90% won't prefer it. Reason being security and electricity.
Being an Indian citizen I don't want to see such condition for Delhi NCR. It includes Gurgaon too. Gurgaon got similar problems but not such level as Noida. And what is the drawback of these:
  • People are now less interested in real state of Noida. This is the reason why for the similar kind of real estate prices are higher in Gurgaon than Noida. This means serious loss of revenues for government.
  • People are unafraid of traffic rules because I have hardly seen any body being challaned for the violations of traffic rules. So again loss of government revenues.
  • Due to lesser security and bad maintenance of infrastructures big MNCs are avoiding Noida too. Again the loss of revenues.
If government is not willing to improve situation it is going to be worse. I am appealing UP government that please maintain Noida this will help building image of UP, Noida and your administration.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Book review part -4: Volga se Ganga

I have tried two times to write a review about Volga Se Ganga. But on both occasions I lost my track what to write and where to begin. Reasons may be multiple, first thing is – Due to diversity of the content of the book and secondly my slow rate of reception of those philosophies and facts.

I have read multiple books which deal with various problems of society, most of them deal with a single problem and its description and resolution. But this book is totally different. I have become fan of Rahul Sankrityayan immediately when I read how beautifully he has managed so many things inside a single book. Let me illustrate more.

If you ask me what category/genre this book can fall, I will try to name a few
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Suspense thriller(Very small section)
  • Economics
  • Social Justice
  • Gender Equality
  • Love Story and relationship guide
  • Religion
  • Evolution
  • Self Help
  • Public Administration
  • Child marriage
  • Casteism
  • Politics
  • Humour

I may have left some more genre I couldn't recall. What astonishes me is – how he managed to put so much knowledge this book in a concise way. He was an avid reader, traveler, researcher, philosopher e.t.c.. You will get to know his charisma only after reading this book.

This book is written in 1945 and you can still find how much it is relevant this era. You can easily relate what he was trying to tell from his fictional stories.

I wanted to pick one of the genre from it and write about it but I couldn't. Somewhere my mind is saying let the reader purchase the book and decide themselves what they can extract from this book. If I start detailing about any of the genres, it will be hard for me to not to write about others. I simply can't decide this moment which genre should get my first attention.(If I update this review- will let you know for sure). Eg: Can you tell me which is more significant gender equality or public- administration? Can you separate two of them?

If you love Hindi literature or want to invest some quality time on quality content- this is it. Look no further. Grab a coffee and start going from Volga se Ganga.