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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ye Noida hai bhai

If you are a frequent traveller to Noida you must have heard this term, "Ye Noida hai bhai/bhaiya yahan aise hi chalta hai".
So what are the common things you can find here occurring commonly. I would like to list few of them here, comment the things you find the same or different .
  • The most irritating thing for me is unnecessary honking. Every morning my mind looses it peace.
  • Redlight jumping.
  • What is hell is "zebra crossing ". Nobody knows it.
  • Halting the car/tempo/bus in the middle of road.
  • Chain /Mobile snatching
  • When it's redlight even if your left turn is free you won't get any path due to congestion made by vehicles waiting for redlight.
  • Footpath is the extra place where bikers can ride if its possible.
  • Using foot over bridge is too much
  • Even car theft is not a big deal here.
  • Usual electricity fluctuations
  • Lack of good public transport inside Noida. It basically rely on DTC buses of Delhi and Vikram tempo(auto)

I have been living in Delhi NCR for past 8 years, and ask any delhite will you prefer living in noida with same facilities available. I hope 90% won't prefer it. Reason being security and electricity.
Being an Indian citizen I don't want to see such condition for Delhi NCR. It includes Gurgaon too. Gurgaon got similar problems but not such level as Noida. And what is the drawback of these:
  • People are now less interested in real state of Noida. This is the reason why for the similar kind of real estate prices are higher in Gurgaon than Noida. This means serious loss of revenues for government.
  • People are unafraid of traffic rules because I have hardly seen any body being challaned for the violations of traffic rules. So again loss of government revenues.
  • Due to lesser security and bad maintenance of infrastructures big MNCs are avoiding Noida too. Again the loss of revenues.
If government is not willing to improve situation it is going to be worse. I am appealing UP government that please maintain Noida this will help building image of UP, Noida and your administration.