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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review of 360 security lite app

Being graduated from Computer science I know how much effort it takes to make an effortless application. Since my initial days I loved open source. Which gave me freedom to sneak into real code and able to tweak them according to my need. Therefore, I chose Linux over Windows and similarly Android over iOS.

I thought I will have freedom and security of Linux in Android as well. But I got the freedom of Linux but not the security - Why? Actually this has two reasons to mention:
1. No lock for app install: This is one of the major advantage and disadvantage of Android ecosystem. You have to freedom to install apps from Google Play Store as well as from other app stores as well like- Amazon Appstore and UC Browser/Opera Browser. And even you can install apk from anywhere. This is why it gets tricky. If you install apps other than from Google Play Store you may find yourself in danger of leaking your sensitive data through apps.
2. Market share:  We know as of 2015 Q2 Android market share reached 82.8% (Source) . But with great market share comes great security threat. This was/is true for Windows (PC) and still holds true for Android too. This is the reason you need antivirus on Windows and Android.
3. Lots of freeware:  Freewares are good thing but if you don't know its history its hard to say what it does besides its claimed functionality. This is where we Indian can get unlucky, due to budgetary constraints we usually rely on freeware which may compromise heavily with device security and memory consumption. And out of freely available apps we used to install tons of applications whether we use them or not.

This is where 360 Security Lite came to rescue. It has inbuilt antivirus as well as cool features for Android smartphones. Here are some snaps

This app got following notable features:
  1. One tap antivirus scanning 
  2. One tap Junk cleanup
  3. One tab speed boost of system 
  4. Widget to help one tap control these three as well controlling the flash light of camera.
Above all it gives us detailed information which application is compromising with security, Disk space or System memory. You can pin down individual app and remove them as well if they not needed.
It effectively free up disk space by removing junk files and frees RAM by stopping battery draining application. This is why it can be said #MadeForIndia. Overall very nice app and simple interface to use.

Rating:  5 out of 5.

I am reviewing the 360 Degree Security Lite App for the #MadeForIndia activity at BlogAdda.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why there is corruption in India

I have written just my thoughts , some may agree some may disagree. Click on image to view.

Keeping baby's skin soft and healthy

As a parent we know how sensitive a baby skin is. Therefore we should gather all essential information and consequences of the products that we are going to apply on their skin.  While searching for things which can keep baby’s skin soft and healthy we should combine traditional knowledge as well as new scientific knowledge.
I am going to discuss some ways from following which you can get softest and healthiest baby skin
1. Oils:- As I am going to talk about the advantages of the Natural oil and disadvantages of Baby oil on babies skin. I would like to highlight some facts about the Baby oil available in the market. Most of the baby oil which are available in the market are the byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil which is a foreign material to baby skin. These are synthetic oil which are harmful to human health. These mineral oils are viscous and when applied in the skin, block the pores of the skin. The sweating plays vital role in detoxification from the body. Since, the sweating does not take place properly causes the toxins to stay inside the body which is quite harmful to health. So, mineral oil and petrochemical products should never be used on baby skin.
2.    Bath: Try to give your child a mild and gentle bath every day. Water used for bath should not be too hot or cold. Check water temperature on your arms rather than palm. As palms are little insensitive than other part of body.  Daily bath will moisture baby’s skin as well open their pores to breathe more.
3.    Protection from Sun: Babies need sun to develop strong bones but too much sun can burn their skin, so when sun is mild then only child should be exposed to it like morning or evening.
4.    Healthy Diet: Until unless baby is healthy from inside no matter how you keep outside won’t make much change. So healthy diet is the most import part of keeping skin healthy and soft. We can consult doctors for a recommended diet.
5.    Clothing: This is one of the most important aspect of keeping babies skin healthy and soft. Unclean cloths can make baby ill and cause skin problems.  So we should aim for the clothing and bedding as soft and clean as possible. This is one of the region where pamper can save you when you have less time to change and wash regular diapers. These are one of the softest in the market.
Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Swamiji the madeofgreat

People come and people go, but their values and principle always remain and leave an indelible impression on society and common people. There are a number of great people born on planet earth who gave lot of the things to us and received recognition by their humanitarian work. I would like to mention one great man of the era who emphasised my life as well as a role model for a considerable mass. 

He was none another than Swami Vivekananda ji who lived for a short span of time. He died very young at the age of 39. But he was able to create a recognition by his knowledge, intellect and humanitarian activities. He made India proud on the globe by his act and speeches. He strongly supported Hindutva and Yoga and revealed the actual meaning of these. He was a strong supporter of Vedanta philosophy.

 He worked so hard to bring the humanity all above and sacrificed his life for it. He represented India as a preacher of Vedanta philosophy to the whole world. Swami ji insisted people to adapt and practice yoga irrespective of religion, cast and creed. He was meditation guru to the world and emphasised people to perform on regular basis for internal cleansing of mind and heart. He established Ram Krishna Mission on the sacred name of his Guru Ram Krishna Paramhansha in Kolkata. That is one of the biggest centre of Yoga and meditation in India on the holy bank of river Hoogly. He had a iconic value for the Youth and because of it, his birthday is celebrated as World Youth Day. It is celebrated on 12th of Jan every year. Swami ji emphasised on art, culture and science. People like him was born once in era and was remembered forever. He strongly accepted the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. He was born great and left for heaven as a great too. People follow him not only in India but all over the world because of his knowledge, intelligence and generosity. He will be a role model for the Planet Earth till its existence. 

He was best known for his powerful and influencing speech at the Parliament of World Religion on Hinduism in Chicago, USA in ‎1893. He believed in the teaching of Bhagvat Gita and revival of Hinduism in India. He fought against the poverty. He believed that the essence of Hinduism is best explained in Vedanta Philosophy. He linked morality with truth and control of mind. He also believed that the success is the outcome of focused thought and action. JRD Tata was influenced by Swami Ji to  establish the Indian Institute of Science in Banglore to facilitate science and technology in India on international level.  

Swami ji was a wonderful orator and writer. He composed many poems and songs. He was mainly known for this speech but did literary works too.  He was a painter as well as a singer.  

Finally, as a conclusion, I would suggest everyone to go through his biography, works and philosophy to understand the real meaning of Vedanta and Humanity. This is  what makes him #madeofgreat.
Made of reminded me also tatamotors( and this time it is teamed up with none other than legendary Lionel Messi. 

So let me know that do you think of Tata Motors association of Lionel Messi? Answer in comment section are most welcome.

My Man of Steel

Almost every child says that his dad is his hero. They have their reasons, I have my reasons to call him a real hero. Here goes some of them.

1. Man of steel - You may not believe it but he is my man of steel because of several reasons. First of all he is very hard worker. I have seen him working since 5 A.M. to 9 P.M. on daily basis for several years. I still think how is that possible -Dad!. He took rest from his home tuition profession only after getting a govt job.Secondly I have hardly any memory of my dad fallen sick - so I have very solid reasons to call him Man of Steel.
2. Having mentality ahead of his generation- I have multiple points on this point.
              2.1.   Having 3 or 4 children was very common in my Father's generation but my father has decided to keep it only two. Hats off Dad !!.
              2.2.    I have asked many men and found that still it is pretty difficult to get them involved in family planning. But my father did in that generation. Here is the link if you have any doubts-
             2.3.    Strictness according to age- This is a very crucial thing in the parenting. My dad always know that when and how much freedom we boys deserve(applies to both bros). Like after passing my 10th I wanted to go to movie[Main Hoon naa] with friends for the first time and my mom denied strictly then I have to say it to D ad. He said Yes instantly. Dad you are great - love you .
             2.4.    Helping mom in house hold chores - This will be rarely find in the men of my Dad's in the small town like Sasaram.
             2.5.     Helped mom to get her masters done despite my dad having only graduate degree.

      3. Treating my mom like queen- Love and care this is what I am still learning from my mom and Dad. My dad takes very much care of mom. I never saw my dad yelling at my mom. There were situations of disconnect and disagreement but it never happened that it led to any physical fight. So I have learned to respect women from Dad which is very much absent from many men.

      4.  Helped me to take interest in maths and science. He took care of my studies till 7-8th grade or you can say until got another tutor. My dad also taught me importance of English despite I was studying in hindi medium till my 10th.

 Usually boys are close to their mother, but I feel more closer to dad, that's why whenever I thought of mom and dad, I still remember dad's shoulder and mom's lap.

I can simply say in one word that my dad is something #madeofgreat just like tatamotors.(

So can you let me know that do you think of Tata Motors association of Lionel Messi? Answer in comment section.