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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Before it goes to Ctrl+alt+del its time to Ctrl+s

I born in a town (Sasaram) where I have literally no access to nature. I was introduced to nature by none other than Mike Pandey. After watching "Earth Matters" I got to know why loved to visit the nurseries around my town. These nurseries are situated in the far West of the  town. Around these nurseries there is a dense bunch of trees. Since my childhood I loved that place, I didn't know the reason behind it.
 After reading various books and during my PG in environmental science, I found the reason behind it. And the reason is not complex besides nature being fairly complex. And the reason is - we are made by nature so there is no-brainer that we like it by default. It's inside us, we have to listen and follow our heart. Then our mind will act in similar manner. 

I can still remember those rainy days when I used to just stare on trees, plants , ponds while it was raining. This could go on and on for even several hours. I never felt guilty watching rain even my next day was term end exam. 

Recently I visited to Pangot and the most amazing thing there was - crystal clear sky at night if no clouds wandering here and there. That moment my eyes felt alive- my mind dived into the depth of the sky. I was calm and relax. And that type of calmness I felt only when I was in Kanatal in 2012. It took 3 years to reach that soul level calmness. My whole office was partying in the night while I was busy watching stars at Pangot. What I missed most there- my family should have been there to watch those stars along side me.

We have surely forgotten our roots, from where we came(city,village?), from where our food comes(malls,supermarket?), from where the fresh refreshing air comes(ACs?) from where our drinking water comes(water purifiers, municipality?). If you think any of the answer in the bracket is right- sorry to say you have surely not gone close to the nature enough. There is one answer to all the questions- All comes from the nature in their raw form, you need not to refine them to reach you. And these things comes from nature for free. See the current scenario you can correlate by yourself
  1. You now pay for food, if you are a farmer- you have almost no choice but to purchase seeds from big corporates.
  2. You now pay for fresh air- through air purifiers or air conditioners.
  3. You now pay for water- municipality, water purifiers and water tankers
 If we don't stop polluting our mother Earth, future can be very dark where we have to purchase some compressed air to breath, just what already happened to your drinking water. We need to stop this mess. And the best way to do it is to-
  1.  teach our kids the value of nature, by taking them away from city or town to a natural place.
  2.  Saving the nature in its current situation i.e. Ctrl+s and then step by step giving nature back whatever we have taken from it.
If we don't start Ctrl+S nature can take its measure to rectify it which is equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Del. Surely you don't want this to be happen to your kids. I have already written the current scenario in details what can be done through the tag.
Some images of nature can be found at

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”