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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Book review part -6 : Being Mortal

This is the second book from Atul Gawande that I have just read, what a thought provoking and ground shaking book it is. Both of the books are distinctly connected to each other. In “checklist Manifasto” he talks about how checklist can save lives and in being mortal he talks about how one should die.
I have read only a few dozens of non-curriculum books but non of them talked about this issue even in small details. The only reason I can conclude is – Death is ultimate fear of one's life, we are scared to core just thinking about it. Hearing “Death” word gives you some or other kind of goosebumps, but can you escape it- No, probably never. If it is unavoidable – do you want to talk about it- there is also a No here.
This is what Atul has accomplished in this book, he talked about it and talked pretty gracefully and interesting. No where in the book it feels boring or too scary.
Book's tag line is -”Medicine and what matters in the end”. And same is the motto of writer. Whatever Atul is trying to conclude can't be covered in this review. This book is highly recommended for people who are more than 50 and for those who are taking care such people.
Some focus points of this book are as follow:
  1. This book helps you decide whether you should opt for medical help or not. if taken medical help how long you should be taking it and when you can decide to stop it.
  2. This will also help whether to get medical help at home or in hospital or in hospice.
  3. This is another book which establishes connection between a healthy person with helping family.
  4. You will also notice beside family and medicine, there are other factors that can help you get well
  5. It tells you difference between your horizon vs Doctor's horizon.

This is a book of reference of its own kind, if you have it you will definitely revisit it throughout your life. One worthy for book for our bookShelf(physical or digital).

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