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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google Doodle Home Page with a new Look

We all are aware that Google is changing its looks of its services one by one....
I don't remember much the order of change but I think Google changed its search page first.
1. Google Search{}
2. Google Image Search {google image search results}
3. Adsense Interface
4. Blogger Interface
5. Gmail Interface
6. Analytic Interface
7. Youtube's Look
The above changes are without any URL changes but Doodle has changed its URL slightly..
Here ends your Excitement .....

Giving you an Example..
Diego Rivera's 125th Birthday's Doodle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ever wondered what kind of database Google uses ???

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Must Have Linux apps / applications / software

This is the List of Must have Linux apps for the normal desktop users. These are the apps so famous/useful that you can find these apps easily in your Distro's Repository. Doesn't matter whether you are on a rpm based distro or debian based distro or you are on a Gentoo Distro.
Comment any remaining app if you think that should be in this List
1. p7zip           {7zip for the Linux}
2. k3b              {CD/DVD Burner}
3. chromium-browser {Open source version of Google-Chrome}
4. pdfsam         {extract /merge pdf file}
5. pdfchain       {modify/edit pdf files}
6. kget             {Download manager}
7. gparted        {Partition Manager}
8. virtualbox
9. multiget        {Download manager}
10. ktouch        {keyboard typing learning}
11. krusader     {equivalent to winscp may be considered as replacement of filezilla}
12. vlc               {Do I need Explain this}
13. empathy      {integrate your facebook,gmail,yahoo chat in single app}
14. calibre         { it is library management tool for the ebooks supporting various formats like -mobi and pub}
15. youtube-dl   { Download youtube videos from your terminal, very easy to use }
16. banshee        {My personal music player }
                                                                .....list to be continued....
install above in one go...
sudo apt-get install  p7zip k3b chromium-browser pdfsam  pdfchain  youtube-dl calibre vlc  krusader kget multiget banshee

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

South Asian Band Festival 2011 at Purana Quila

I have been visited this kind of band festival for the first time . And Liked it very much. I was able collect some snaps of it. Hope you like it...

1. Part 1 ..
2. Part-2
3. Part-3 

Friday, December 2, 2011

girlfriend - Boyfriend Husband - Wife SMS / Jokes

5. बीवी ने अपना पोट्रेट बनवाया फिर कुछ सोच कर पेंटर को कहा की गले में नवलखा हार भी डाल दो 

पेंटिंग बन्ने के बाद पेंटर ने पूछा आपने ऐसा क्यों किया।। 
बीवी बोली कभी मे मर गयी तो ये दूसरी शादी कर लेंगे 

नई वाली आएगी तो ये हार ढूंढेगी और मिलेगा नहीं तो झगड़ा होगा 
तब मेरी आत्मा को सच्चा सुकून मिलेगा .

4. मौलवी: "किसी को इस शादी से ऐतराज़ है ?

एक आवाज़ आई "हां मुझे है"

मौलवी - अमा यार तुम चुप रहो,
तुम दूल्हे हो, तुम्हें तो ज़िंदगी भर
रहेगा ।

3 ..
 DECENT THOUGHT 4 ALL THE GIRLS:: Agar Husband BHAGWAN smaan hota hai toh... . . BOYFREIND bhi Chota-Mota DEVTA mana hi ja sakta hai!! 


Boyfrnd:- me tuje kab call karu?? Grlfrnd:- jab tum chaho tab.. ...
Boyfrnd:- kal mene call kiya tha.. Grlfrnd:- ha, utni jaldi nai uthti. 
Boyfrnd:- ha, to me kal 11 baje call karunga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to papa ghar pe hoge.. 
Boyfrnd:- to 3 baje call karuga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to lunch ka time hoga,.
Boyfrnd:- to 5 baje.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, tab to favrite serial he.. 
Boyfrnd:- to rat ko call karuga.. Grlfrnd:- nahi, rat ko sab vapas ghar hote he.. 
Boyfrnd:- to me aakhir call kab karu?? Grlfrnd:- jab tum chaho :p (

1. Different types of Girlfriend/Wife fighting with their boyfriend/Husband...

Pilot's Girlfriend : Zyada ud Matt Samjha

Teacher's Girlfriend : Mujhe mat Sikhao Samjhe

Dentist's Girlfriend : Daant tod ke hath me de dungi

C.A.'S Girlfriend : Hisaab se reh samjha...

Engineer's Girlfriend : "Abey pehle Pass toh ho ja fir baat karna" :D :-P 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Searching beyond Google Search

We all are Google lovers.. Aren't we ??? Google search is definitely the best search working on best algorithm to give you much relevant and I think it is the fastest search also. But as we know every good thing comes with some curse. Google is  also not an exception.
Below  is the site to give you more inside story of Google Search...

Many  solutions are  given in the above site.
My favourite one is . This is a very good search engine solving various problems.
It doesn't show results based on personal information.
I felt the same that from my browser my own website ranking is higher than any of my  friend's browser...
This is what and how google keeps everybody happy....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Linux Mint 12 {dubbed LISA} Released [ softpedia maked a mistake ]

For technical news I prefer to go to and find it relevant and true to anything..But when I visited it on 23 Nov it was displaying there that Linux Mint 12 has been finally released . Then I visited the and there was no sign of Mint 12 other than its RC.
Here is the sofpedia Link..see the original posted date..

But Linux Mint 12 has finally arrived today ...
So go and Grab your copy... prefer torrent to Download it..This will ensure high speed as mirrors are overloaded even Linuxmint site is hard to open as I am writing Now...
Download Linux Mint 12 from here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Linux Mint 12 {dubbed LISA} RC Review

      Linux Mint was the first distro for which "Love at first sight" holds true. I started from Mint 8,then still sticking with Mint 9 because of LTS.
      Mint 10 and 11 has not been much different in terms of looks from 9.So I stick  with 9 with my own customization.  One of the reason to not trying out Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04 or mint 10 and Mint 11 was the there were several issues going on Like Gnome 3 vs Gnome 2 vs ububtu unity.So I preferred trying  them in VM.
     I like the way Gnome 3 is going. So far Gnome 3.2 is a nice experience. So I finally motivated to give Linux Mint 12 a serious try. After reading this preview blog my motivation increased  two fold.  Here is the link ...
Although its a RC but its looking nice. I tried it in a Virtual Box only Live Mode...

It contains following packages worth mentioning....
*synaptic{not removed}
*mozilla firefox 7.0.1 {with no google search by default- comes with "duck duck go"}
*Advance System Settings{mac like}
* LibreOffice 3.4.3
* By default no fortune

below is the ScreenShot Tour

1. Default Desktop Look and Feel with hardware acceleration enabled to run Gnome3

2. Gnome 3 activated

3. Gnome 3 All application Render

4. Mint Menu Gnome 2 style in Gnome 3..All thanks to Mint development Team

5. Fallback mode{if hardware is not accelerated }

6. No Google Search in toolbar{Duck Duck is not bad}

7. Resolution options{Good one I always wanted something Like That}

8. A visible gconf-editor

Hope you like the screenshots..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handling large failed file download in mozilla firefox

Note : this article may or may not work depending upon your luck and server's configuration.
Here we go...

If you have a failed download then you must have a file named failedfile.part in mozilla download folder.
1. Copy this file somewhere . Means it should not be in download folder.
2. Restart your failed download , it will start downloading from begining , don't worry.
After downloading around 500 kb or untill a .part file appears in your download directory
3. pause the download.
4.Then replace the new .part file by the old .part file then resume your download .

This should work but this method is not guaranteed I will take no claim of loss. Use any good download manager to avoid such situations. But download manager can't download all files :-remember this fact. If you want such example comment below.
In windows .part file may be hidden take care of this as well as windows.

This situation works{supposed to} where resuming your firefox download gives error "contact server's administrator"

How to use Mc Donald efficiently

This article is for downloaders who want to download around 300 mb in 10 min. Mc Donald provides around 4mbps for 10 min, with such speed you can easily download around 300 MB. So pause your downloads at home and resume at Mc Donald. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

The root causes of India's all problem

The title is itself not satisfactory to everyone. The whole article is just my thought , correct me if you find something opposite. If you thought this article gonna very long, you are wrong . I am gonna cut it short above your expectation. Here we go ..

1. Population density :
This is major reason behind all problems in india. Here world's 17% population live on world's 7% land. You can calculate easily why every bus, train ,metro is always full imagine what would happen if it was 1/4 of current population.there WILL be no rush in jobs or any thing. India's 40-50 % population will be rich. If people were rich there are few chances of corruption no worries at all.

2. Mentality :
 I don't need to explain it much as you are pretty much aware of it. The first point and the second point are very much dependent on each other. In Bhagwat Geeta it is said that don't go after maya and physical collection and we are doing the opposite. We have set the priority of family above the nation. This is why everybody seems to be in trouble either he created it himself or somebody else .

 If you need  extra explanation comment below

Monday, October 31, 2011

Atal Bihari vajpayee's Amazing Poems and Speeches

1. Amazing Patriotic Poem By our Legendary PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee

2. "Atal Behari Bajpayee" powerful speech on Nuclear test
3. NATIONALISM taught by "Atal Behari Bajpayee" 

Amazing Video of Kinect NUI Experiences

I am not a big fan of Microsoft but now I am admirer of it . The thing which moved me is KINECT from MS. This thing is somewhat bringing virtual reality more real.. The first live demo  of Kinect is about Gmail motion which was basically a Prank for 1st April 2011 but the MS guys showed that this (Below)video is very easy to perform.

Now below is not the demo I have seen in MS Imagine Cup India finals ..but you can imagine that above video is not impossible....Here MS fools Google..
Visit Xbox channel to see more......

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My NFS MW Days

These are 2 Year Old ScreenShots ..Just Uploaded here to show you how crazy I was for MW.

These screenshots don't have photoshop top. These are as it was..

1. Front Camera View..
 2. Just for fun ...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

funniest Video about cloud

Bihar: India's best performing state

Contrary to popular belief, Bihar (including Jharkhand) was the best performing state during 1980-2004, according to a a Reserve Bank sponsored study, while Tamil Nadu lagged behind in terms of TFPG, a parameter that measures productivity of the organised manufacturing sector.
Here is a copy paste from RBI report ...

  • The inter-State performance of TFPG of organised manufacturing sector (as measured by the GAA) indicates that Bihar (including Jharkhand), Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh turn out to be best performers while the worst performers are Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Punjab. Bihar exhibits the highest TFPG and Tamil Nadu exhibits the lowest TFPG. This has to be juxtaposed with the fact that Bihar witnessed a negative growth rate of employment and Tamil Nadu witnessed a significantly higher growth rate of employment in comparison to the corresponding national figure.
here is the Link of RBI report that contains the above para..See the third Bullet Para of this report.....

Every State is good at something so be proud of it wherever you belong.....Nothing beats uniqueness..

Trip to Vaishno Devi 2010