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Monday, July 11, 2011

Some useful functionalities absent in Windows as compare to GNOME {LINUX}

1. Putting a window at the top of another windows: - During my use of various things I found this facility very much useful means keeping an eye on an application while doing stuffs on other application. {eg. surfing net while wathching a movie}

2. More than one Desktop: This is what a person like me always wanted from MS. I used to open several apps during the use and finally what I get is cluttered desktop. In linux the I move less frequent used apps to the other desktop .

3. Third PARTY softwares:- So there is need of some softwares which are not installed like- PDF reader.
In current scenario almost everybody needs a PDFreader so why not it should be preinstalled ???

4. Active mouse Scrolling: This is what I like to call . In MS windows you have to click
on a window or app to make it active for scrolling up or down. Where as in linux it need only pointer to be over that app/window to make mouse scroll work..

5. ISO image support: By default window doesn't have ISO image support . Means you cannot open an ISO image in windows. You finally end up with installing softwares like daemon tool, magic iso/disc, Alcohol etc...I truelly love linux for this support either burning or opening..

to be continued....

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