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Friday, August 26, 2011

Some philosophy by me -- Rahul's Thought

20. My heart was already Milkha Singh , but you made it Usain Bolt...
0. some details are worth not to be detailed.......

1. it's hard to answer the question
''wat's worng''
when nothing's

Answer from me:: when nthing is right then remaining things are left for you.. [26-8-11]

2.  if marriage or love is fixed in heaven include friendship too in this list... [14-5-11]

3. I almost never get problems with my systems, and when I do they are really serious..........

4. parents are replacement of GOD {especially mother}... [2-9-11]

5.  I have always put Rahul Dravid above sachin. Because he always put team above him. Sachin fans plz forgive me for this statement.  --[21-8-11]

6. jis desh ka pradhanmantri hi MMS ho us desh ka malik mobile hi hoga  ---[17-8-11]

7. Today who doesn't keep a mobile is a celeb. [8-8-11]

8. You seems to be a fool but you are not clever.tum chor dikhte ho magar tum saadhu nahi ho ---[23-7-11]

9. there is only one solution to all mess:: we sud try diving into politics means the young ones.... en budhau {buddho } se kuchh nahi hone waala ---[14-7-11]

10. Most of the time i feel like being tree. And i like it. Agle janam mohe tree hi kijo ---[10-7-11]

11. Gambhirta prem ka pratik h- sri sri 1009 sunil gaurav baba  [2-7-11]

12. Being human gives u lots of freedom and its comes in pair with some responsiblities . We always remember our rights but always forget our duty. We always want a son's right but very few of us do the son's duty. This context is true also in broad sense like country. We always want the rights of a citizen but we rarely know our duties. --[*.*.2010]

13. let me reveal very uninteresting fact for 364 days..
364/7=52 i.e every year will have the same calender...
means if 19th of feb 2011 is saturday ...every year it will be saturday...  [13-2-11]

14. Every CSE student should know the concept of KISS{Keep It Simple Stupid}.........[13-2-11]

15. Humans are of no use.......[7-11-10]

16. Hell is full and heaven will be empty(I think). Now where will you go???
And earth is filling with more and more humans ..After sometimes we will hava no choice either Dead or Alive....---[23-7-10]

17. children are the God's greatest creation [23-6-10]

18. every species has its own specialty....if we cannot produce them then we don't have any right to destroy them...[24-5-2010]

19. Never love anyone more than you except your country... [27-10-11]

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