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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Using 7zip as a file splitter

During my use of PC, I was trapped many time due to file size. Like transfering 4 gb file by 2 gb pendrive.
To use 7zip as a file splitter you have to right click on desired file then go to 7zip>add to archive .. then a dialog box appears you can see multiples option to create archive. To give a custom size of your archive use the option Split to volume, bytes:.. Hre you can give custome size like 100M-for 100MB for each archive .
Please make sure to append MB/KB/GB after the numerical value otherwise the default is in Bytes...

To merge file right click on first archive created then 7zip>open archive then extract that file....

you may use 7zFM.exe. This is located in
program files>7zip>7zFM.exe
open this exe and go to the folder in which the desired file lies. Right click on that file you will option of split file. Then select your size to fit(floppy, cd, DVD). To merge file then do the same as above but instead of splitting you have to click on combine files...make sure you put all the splitted file in the same directory ..

In linux you can go with wine+7zip

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