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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bihar: India's best performing state

Contrary to popular belief, Bihar (including Jharkhand) was the best performing state during 1980-2004, according to a a Reserve Bank sponsored study, while Tamil Nadu lagged behind in terms of TFPG, a parameter that measures productivity of the organised manufacturing sector.
Here is a copy paste from RBI report ...

  • The inter-State performance of TFPG of organised manufacturing sector (as measured by the GAA) indicates that Bihar (including Jharkhand), Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh turn out to be best performers while the worst performers are Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Punjab. Bihar exhibits the highest TFPG and Tamil Nadu exhibits the lowest TFPG. This has to be juxtaposed with the fact that Bihar witnessed a negative growth rate of employment and Tamil Nadu witnessed a significantly higher growth rate of employment in comparison to the corresponding national figure.
here is the Link of RBI report that contains the above para..See the third Bullet Para of this report.....

Every State is good at something so be proud of it wherever you belong.....Nothing beats uniqueness..

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