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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handling large failed file download in mozilla firefox

Note : this article may or may not work depending upon your luck and server's configuration.
Here we go...

If you have a failed download then you must have a file named failedfile.part in mozilla download folder.
1. Copy this file somewhere . Means it should not be in download folder.
2. Restart your failed download , it will start downloading from begining , don't worry.
After downloading around 500 kb or untill a .part file appears in your download directory
3. pause the download.
4.Then replace the new .part file by the old .part file then resume your download .

This should work but this method is not guaranteed I will take no claim of loss. Use any good download manager to avoid such situations. But download manager can't download all files :-remember this fact. If you want such example comment below.
In windows .part file may be hidden take care of this as well as windows.

This situation works{supposed to} where resuming your firefox download gives error "contact server's administrator"

1 comment:

  1. @Rahul, thanks for this tip! For the last several months, I've been having problems downloading files from a particular website. The progress bar nearly always freezes multiple times when downloading from this site. Sometimes Pause & Resume works but more often than not, this results in a Fail. At that point, I click the Retry icon. This usually results in another Fail, but if I click Retry repeatedly, I can sometimes get the download to resume. What a hassle. It's recently gotten so bad that even this no longer works. Interestingly, if I cancel and start over again, the download restarts immediately. Go figure.

    I was running an old version of FF (v28), but upgrading to V42 didn't improve the situation.

    I just tried your technique and it worked first time. So even though you wrote this 4 years ago, please know that someone out there very much appreciates your help!