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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Linux Mint 12 {dubbed LISA} RC Review

      Linux Mint was the first distro for which "Love at first sight" holds true. I started from Mint 8,then still sticking with Mint 9 because of LTS.
      Mint 10 and 11 has not been much different in terms of looks from 9.So I stick  with 9 with my own customization.  One of the reason to not trying out Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04 or mint 10 and Mint 11 was the there were several issues going on Like Gnome 3 vs Gnome 2 vs ububtu unity.So I preferred trying  them in VM.
     I like the way Gnome 3 is going. So far Gnome 3.2 is a nice experience. So I finally motivated to give Linux Mint 12 a serious try. After reading this preview blog my motivation increased  two fold.  Here is the link ...
Although its a RC but its looking nice. I tried it in a Virtual Box only Live Mode...

It contains following packages worth mentioning....
*synaptic{not removed}
*mozilla firefox 7.0.1 {with no google search by default- comes with "duck duck go"}
*Advance System Settings{mac like}
* LibreOffice 3.4.3
* By default no fortune

below is the ScreenShot Tour

1. Default Desktop Look and Feel with hardware acceleration enabled to run Gnome3

2. Gnome 3 activated

3. Gnome 3 All application Render

4. Mint Menu Gnome 2 style in Gnome 3..All thanks to Mint development Team

5. Fallback mode{if hardware is not accelerated }

6. No Google Search in toolbar{Duck Duck is not bad}

7. Resolution options{Good one I always wanted something Like That}

8. A visible gconf-editor

Hope you like the screenshots..

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