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Friday, November 11, 2011

The root causes of India's all problem

The title is itself not satisfactory to everyone. The whole article is just my thought , correct me if you find something opposite. If you thought this article gonna very long, you are wrong . I am gonna cut it short above your expectation. Here we go ..

1. Population density :
This is major reason behind all problems in india. Here world's 17% population live on world's 7% land. You can calculate easily why every bus, train ,metro is always full imagine what would happen if it was 1/4 of current population.there WILL be no rush in jobs or any thing. India's 40-50 % population will be rich. If people were rich there are few chances of corruption no worries at all.

2. Mentality :
 I don't need to explain it much as you are pretty much aware of it. The first point and the second point are very much dependent on each other. In Bhagwat Geeta it is said that don't go after maya and physical collection and we are doing the opposite. We have set the priority of family above the nation. This is why everybody seems to be in trouble either he created it himself or somebody else .

 If you need  extra explanation comment below

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