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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Using Mobile's Hotspot as Wifi-modem or DHCP server

I may be little late to share this or may be this is not a new stuff for you. But it's better late than never.
If you have a smartphone with hotspot or any wifi-hotspot software in a laptop. Then you can connect several wifi devices to your HotSpot. This  will create a network of devices and you can easily do your networking stuffs between those devices. Let me set a example of my condition :::
I have a laptop running a local server{website} but it doesn't have a DHCP server so its hard for me to run my local website on other's computer because the other computer/Mobile  may have different OS like symbian/Android/iOS/Linux/Windows.  So what I do is turn on my device's hotspot and connect that Laptop to it which contains the local website. And connect other device to hotspot to check my website's performance on other platforms...
from my android device

This hotspot can be used for following purposes::
1. Networking between incompatible devices.
2. Hacking practice
3. Browser testing 
4. Platform Testing

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