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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Setting OEL {oracle enterprise license} public yum repository

Its fairly easy to install the public yum repo on OEL either 4,5 or 6 ...Follow these steps::

1. switch to root priviledge {either do sudo or su or su -}
2. cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
3. wget
4. yum update

Note:: Take care of 3rd line if you are using OEL6 then replace 5 with 6

Saturday, May 19, 2012

google easter egg- Tilt

This one gives the exact expected result ...When you search "tilt"  on google it displays search with a tilted page.....{Search tilt without "")
See below...{click on image to expand}

Friday, May 18, 2012

Linux Mint 13 dubbed - Maya 9 (Mate) RC review and screenshots

They have kept it alive{I am talking about Gnome 2}.The Mate version feels just like your old-trusted-used to gnome-2 .....Virtually no difference thanks to Linux mint Team and Mate Team{}...
Here are the screenshots for you...
1. Welcome Screen

2. Menu {Traditional Mint Style}

3. Caja {Replacement of Nautilus}

4. Eye of Mate {Same as eye of Gnome}

5. Pluma{Gedit replacement}

Rest of the packages are almost same as Cinnamon edition... see {}

Download from the site ...

Choose torrent option...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Linux Mint 13 dubbed - Maya {cinnamon} RC review and screenshots

Mint is my favourite distribution since I came across it{It was mint 8 then}.
Then I tried ubuntu 9.04,ubuntu 9.10,ubuntu 10.04 and I  satisfied more than fedora 8 and 9. Then I tried mint 9 and then there is  no coming back. I find Mint 9 very smooth. It has been past two years and I am still sticking with Mint 9 {have 32 and 64 installed side by side}. And I have no issue whatsoever with these 2 versions of mint. Due to several issues going in parallel like Gnome3,Gnome2,Unity I made my mind that I will switch to LTS either Ubuntu or Mint which suits me best. I tried Ubuntu 12.04  last week and find unity not so bad- you just  need some to time to get used to it..{same in the case for Gnome3}. Since then I was waiting for Mint 13 so called { Maya }. Then I see the mint blog about  Mint 13 RC release . Then I downloaded it without waiting anymore{I saw two versions and finally settle to download Mint 13 cinnamon version}. Below is the some keypoints....
Welcome screen ....more finished Icons....
uname -a details
Things to Note:::
1. Linux Kernel-
2. vlc ,banshee player
3. Yahoo by default in  search box in Firefox
4. Libre Office 
5. Gnome 2 like feel see below screenshots

Final words- Still have to try Mate version{Next review will be Mint 13 Maya Mate version}. This version is mate is although RC but It runs very fine through out review in my VMware and I adjusted its Resolution manually to 1360*768 and it worked fine...

For those who can't live without Gnome2 menu feel --Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon is for you.......

Download from the site ...

Choose torrent option...

Don't afraid using Torrent - Use Torrent legally

Many of us don't know the real use of so called "Torrent". Torrent is actually a P2P{Peer to Peer} file sharing functionality. It has been wrongly used to download illegal stuffs{you know what I mean}from a long time. But its basic idea was to remove the dependency from a single point{so called server}. A single file can be downloaded from hundreds of people having the same file. The use of torrent have multiple benefits during a file download....

1. Heavily reduces the server traffic{load} to download the large files. simple example-
the site contain three options ....a. Torrent {Almost zero dependency on the site } b. direct download {server has to be always live to get the ISO downloaded....worst option from  a server point of view..} c. metalink {almost provides same functionality as torrent ...client remains the same like utorrent}...

2. Faster download speeds...{Usually every server has a download speed cut-off may ...Usually its under 2 MBPS...but with torrent there is no limit, you can download a file  with any speed ...depends how many seeders are there for the file...

3. Good Pause(Resume) support - Every torrent client has support to pause/resume the download at any time. Direct download sometimes fails to do that..

So the bottoms line is - Whenever you go for a large download , search for torrent option if present use definitely ...Usually all open source project provides torrent link on their official site...{This is what the real use of torrent}
Here is my kget and Transmission screenshots..

Transmission torrent download

Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy mother's day Google Doodle

This is what GOOGLE used to do...{To dedicate home page to latest event} and for everybody Mother's Day can be a greatest day of the year......
Happy Mother's Day from me too......Love you Mom always...

1. Probably son and daughter coming to their mom..
2. Mom with both Children

 3. Final render of google home page

Teacher Student Jokes / SMS


StudNt-Mota marta moti pe,

Bhukha marta roti pe,

Master ji ki hai do beti par

mai marta hu chhoti pe :P

Master shokd, Studnt rockd 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today's 6th May 2012 Google Easter Egg - Zerg Rush

Every One loves Google's Easter Eggs...And today we{I too} found another Easter Egg {although it said be started on friday}. It comes when you search "zerg rush" in google search box then wait for some moment and you will find something happening like this..
1. Initial look...

2. Transition Phase
3. Final looks..

Here is the link of another easter eggs...