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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Linux Mint 13 dubbed - Maya {cinnamon} RC review and screenshots

Mint is my favourite distribution since I came across it{It was mint 8 then}.
Then I tried ubuntu 9.04,ubuntu 9.10,ubuntu 10.04 and I  satisfied more than fedora 8 and 9. Then I tried mint 9 and then there is  no coming back. I find Mint 9 very smooth. It has been past two years and I am still sticking with Mint 9 {have 32 and 64 installed side by side}. And I have no issue whatsoever with these 2 versions of mint. Due to several issues going in parallel like Gnome3,Gnome2,Unity I made my mind that I will switch to LTS either Ubuntu or Mint which suits me best. I tried Ubuntu 12.04  last week and find unity not so bad- you just  need some to time to get used to it..{same in the case for Gnome3}. Since then I was waiting for Mint 13 so called { Maya }. Then I see the mint blog about  Mint 13 RC release . Then I downloaded it without waiting anymore{I saw two versions and finally settle to download Mint 13 cinnamon version}. Below is the some keypoints....
Welcome screen ....more finished Icons....
uname -a details
Things to Note:::
1. Linux Kernel-
2. vlc ,banshee player
3. Yahoo by default in  search box in Firefox
4. Libre Office 
5. Gnome 2 like feel see below screenshots

Final words- Still have to try Mate version{Next review will be Mint 13 Maya Mate version}. This version is mate is although RC but It runs very fine through out review in my VMware and I adjusted its Resolution manually to 1360*768 and it worked fine...

For those who can't live without Gnome2 menu feel --Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon is for you.......

Download from the site ...

Choose torrent option...

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