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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small trip to Palwal

Here goes some snaps from Palwal- Sohna Road

1. Snap from K.M.P Expressway
 2. Another blurred snap
 3. K.M.P Expressway
 4. Near Silani Chauk
 5. Some where on Sohna Road

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bihar and Biharis

Since I came to Delhi back in 2007, I came to know that in Delhi ,bihari is the community which gets the least respect here. I think the same is true in all other states too. 
So I started my individual mission here that in any case I won't hide my identity regardless whether the person is anti bihari or not.
Now let's drill down why biharis are treated like this in Delhi or other places. 
Here are the possible reasons and explanations .
    1. Its biharis itself the explanation part. Because a bihari itself doesn't want to be called bihari. During the time the word bihari became an equivalent to a gali. 
Now let's think why a bihari doesn't want to be called a bihari
The only one reason i found is Low self respect in bihari community.
Why there is low self respect because we(biharis )are all aware that the we get the least respect in other states. And due to this fact. Biharis are trapped in a cycle.
The good people from bihar  hide their identity and the state's reputation remain as it is  and thus people continue to hide their identity.

But I want to tell all biharis out there who are reading this . Don't be ashamed of your born (native)place no matter how bad reputation it got. Because nothing is permanent in this world, so is reputation. If Bihar doesn't have that respect we have to built it . No one else will build this reputation ,we Biharis have to build this . And building a good reputation is not that big as we think. I know the fact the fact there are still more good and educated people from Bihar than the perceived bad and illiterate biharis out there. 
   2. The language itself. Usually a bihari is considered to speak bhojpuri which is although a major speaking language there but Bihar contains many other regional and well developed languages. But we biharis have very less respect of our mother tongue that's why bhojpuri has became a synonym of cheap and vulgar. Again who is responsible for it .again none of other but we. Its us who make cheap and vulgar song and lyrics. 
And the people from bhojpuri background doesn't speak this as their mother tongue, thus there is nothing which can reduce the cheapness of our well developed language bhojpuri or any other bihari regional languages. 
I want to ask a simple question from all the people from Bihar ..have u heard any Punjabi,Bengali, madrasi family talking among themselves any other language other than their mother tongue. I think the answer will be No in 95% cases, so why we should ashamed of birth place. Its not the birthplace which makes us respect full its us who makes our birth place or native place respected . It's only Biharis who are responsible for what we are now . Your parents don't talk in your  mother tongue outside Bihar then its their fault , it applies inside Bihar too , I have seen many guys talking in Hindi in Patna to their friend who belongs to their village infront of shopkeepers . 
So please avoid such mistake, we have to make our country, state, city ,better by carrying our culture with us.

Update: Now a days during the frequent metro travel I am finding more and more bihari people taliking in their mother tongue and I feel good now. Keep it up.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dubai trip Part - 2

Friday, November 8, 2013

Found my perfect pillow

I didn't know it before, the name which I wrote on computer screen with unconscious mind by mistake will be this much prestigious in my life. My mind gave more focus on the external environment input source (voice) in the background that time, as it always knew that this name will stay with me forever. 

I, a girl who had lost believe in Love. May be because of the surrounding environment where definition of Love has been changed to gain personal benefit rather than contributing to make someone’s heart smile. It’s quite common in our generation, we made an assumption about these beautiful blessing of god as useless word. But, now I firmly believe that Yes, there is something called LOVE, AFFECTION, CARE, TRUST. 

I switched my job after completing 2 years with my first employer company. I met the guy, who helped me to settle down in new environment. In no time, we became very good friends. Being in the same project and same nearest metro station, our travelling time also get included in tuning up the God's plan. We two were enough to make environment delightful, whether it is work or lunch/tea. 

After few months, our project got completed and we were assigned with two different projects at different location. Something different was running his mind which was visible to me through his text messages and call etc. You know as normal girl I was happy being pampered but, ignored his feeling to an extent and accepted it as a friendly care. 

We didn't meet for a long time. I had some work near in bank so we decide to meet after that over the coffee. As per my calculation and approximate time taken for the work in bank was max 1 n half hour. But my calculation goes wrong and it took around 4 hours to short out the things. As per my commencement to the time he reached at the place where we supposed to meet after my work. Unfortunately, I was late and he kept on waiting for 4 hours.

Finally, I was on the way to meet him. We met at the metro station headed towards CP. I got to know that Ruchi, very good friend of him is also there near by CP. So he planned to call her to meet me as I had heard a lot about her. Although this instant hang out plan was pre-planned. We all went to park to enjoy the weather and to stay close to nature (Or can say cheapest hang out place ;-D). Around half hour later we girls became real amigo (Friends).
After some chit chat and snacks, we were about to leave for home. We all stood up, I was ready to go but I saw some mysterious talks were going on in between Ruchi and him. In the time while I could have understand anything, He was on his knees in front of me holding a lovely heart shaped Keychain having 2 hearts (A big and 1 small with in it). “Neeru, I would like give you my heart, Will you please take care of it”.
I was not expecting this from him as I had accepted it as friendly care. But Yes, I was on cloud 9, more than happy as I never got proposal in such a lovely way. I didn't want to be in relationship at that time and also don’t want to loose my buddy as well. So, for the time being my reply was No with a promise that nothing will change about our friendship.

It's true that nothing has changed. He kept on taking care of mine. Still our projects were different. The only difference was on my side, I was trying hard to ignore his feelings which were conveyed to me and still were in progress via his msgs. There was nothing special in those messages, but every word made fell on my knees and made my heart beat faster. I was surprised with my own behavior. Still I was not ready to accept it. 

After few days, a trip was planned by My colleagues to get rid from work, at least for sometime. At same-time one part of mine was excited to go and another was stopping me to join. Reasons of both thoughts was same. It was him. Finally I was ready to go on trip, but with my elder sister. Going on trip was planned by first part who was excited to go and taking sister along with was my another half parts decision.

Now starts my platinum day of love. Our trip started at Friday night. We were 7 people in innova(7 seater excluding driver). We 3 were on back seat, me my sister and him in the same sequence initially. We stopped to have late night munching at a dhaaba. After having fun munching at dhaba we continued our trip. But this time seating sequence changed and I was in center this time. We enjoyed playing antakshari till 2 pm. It was great feeling to be in the same team. We all started feeling sleepy. It was also hard for me to stay awake. I was conscious as Rahul was seating besides me. I was afraid that my head might land on his shoulder. After a jerk I opened my eyes n my head was on his shoulder.  It felt so Awesome and my head was well fitted and placed as it was made to complete each other. Being controlled by my heart I was unable to move my head from his shoulder. After little bit of fight with my heart I moved my head a  bit which I really didn't wanted to. As I moved his hand came on my cheeks kind of gesture to let a child go to sleep. It was a never felt fantastic feeling which has melted my heart even more. Now intentionally my head was on shoulder. It was more comfortable than any pillow in the world. It was indicating that I have found my personal pillow.:-)

We reached at our destination. We all enjoyed a lot . We did rock climbing, rappelling  and other adventure activities.  I was enjoying his company more than anything else.  In all these every time our eyes meet each other. There was always the same question in my eyes 'why r u doing so.?' And every time he smiles so patiently as he was saying 'I don't know just can't resist this feeling for u. I had tried a lot before.' 

At night there were 3 sharing tents on our camp for us. 1 tent was triple sharing, in which me and my sister was there and him(the odd one). We had some casual talks. Later on my sister fall asleep and we both were out in amazing weather and kept on looking around. That moment was so perfect. Being together.. without saying anything.. in arms of nature. Later on my head land on his shoulder in very conscious state. Without saying anything we committed to each other to stay together. 
We are together currently. Every time we met , it none the less than our this day described above. But yes, this stays with us as a beautiful memory and we love it.

The day She finally accepted me..

 We both were working in the same company. And after getting into relationship we came to know that both of us never thought of joining this company, rather we didn't even know the company name. Joining this very company itself a long story for both of us. So skipping this company joining part. So I joined this company on 1 st of Nov 2011. And she joined 21st of Nov 2011 with another girl[Let's call this another girl Any]. But destiny has different plans for us[better plans for us-we realized later].
      So, I started training Any and my colleague started training her. At first look she was like Ok type [in boys language]. I had hardly any conversation with her and I hardly gave any special attention to her. Time kept passing , we usually used to talk in the lunch time , because she used to eat my lunch after finishing her lunch.[note: rare girl found here]. And then we used to have little walk after the lunch. After some time I kinda like the idea of walk after the lunch.

     Till this time , I used to like another girl[Say Any2] in the office and we had good time in office, Me and Any2 became good friends . Our HR and Manager were jealous of our friendship. I  could  easily recognize their expressions. So this continues for 2 months . Now then a new project came and resource allocation was planned by my managers. I don't know out of jealously or what neither Any nor Any2 came into my Project.

    So,in this project there were 5 peoples. I ,she and 3 more guys. These 3 guys were senior to me in the company so they were good friends . That how we came closer,because
1. Our nearest metro station was same to our client side
2. We were left out by those three.
So travel time+lunch time + project discussions brought her close to me . After three months working together I fell in love with her. But every time I used to think,no this can't be true. I just like her .
So I kept ignoring my feelings. And then this project ended and I was moved to some other projects.

      Now I was in another project with another beautiful and cute girls in [July-Oct 2012]. So I thought now feelings for her should vanish. But no it gets stronger and stronger . The more I try to look towards another girls, the more my heart remembers her. So finally I got to know beta Rahul- now your mind and heart have the chemical locha. You can't ignore it. So I finally decided to propose her. And I wrote all my feeling in form of so called love letter and planned to give her with proposal.

    Now the proposal[22-09-12] day,we planned to meet after her interview at Sec-18 noida , it was pretty hard to get a date with her so I said after interview we can meet easily. Interview started at 10:00 , so I expected to end it around 11 or 11:30. So I reached KFC at 11:00 and  called her but the phone got Busy that means interview is still going. So, I kept waiting there with flowers, 3 small gifts and with my love letter . During the wait of 4 hours I almost tried all drinks of KFC with the lowest possible intake rate. First time ever I was not able to enjoy any of the drinks due combination of nervousness and excitement. So finally I got a call around 15:00 and she told that interview was not that good[meri to lag gayi - I thought beta mood to sahi nhi hoga iska aaj, aur tu propose karega aaj,tera pitna pakka hai chhore] . She then said ki cancel KFC and let's go to CP, we will have some food. I agreed instantly as I had no time to lose or wait.

  Now, we were in the CCD of Rajiv Chauk. Here even after a good cup of coffee, she easily traced my nervousness and asked ki ghadi to 4 bajaa rahi hi tumhaare chehre pe 12 kyun baje hain. I couldn't reply anything, just said bas aise hi. There were several things happening in my mind . I was not able to think where should I start and how should I start. So , to ease her mood [mine as well] I gifted her one of the gift to her. She liked it very much. But still I couldn't figure out how I should I start. I couldn't propose her at CCD. So we went up to Central Park.

  Now, we were in the CP talking all the random stuff, but still I couldn't have the enough courage to say her. Then my best friend Ruchi 's call came that she will be at Rajiv Chauk in 10 mins. I went to metro again to bring her in the CP. In the meantime I conveyed all feeling for her to Ruchi and ask her if she can help me .

During the conversation Ruchi tried to figure out what's going inside her mind. I asked Ruchi in the language of eyes . Ruchi clearly indicated that I have no chance.[Meri to lagg gayi]. But I was determined that this is the day, I won't find any other day or life to propose her. Thinking all of this the time passed and girls planned to leave for the day. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO..... Then as soon as she/they started to move from CP , I bent on my knees and gave the second gift which was a keychain of heart inside heart[ meaning for me was - I will keep your heart safe inside my heart.] and said that Please take my heart. She was not expecting a proposal from me so she thought it was some kind of joke or prank, but after looking my serious face she asked are you serious ..? I said "Yes, aur Tujhe kya lagta hai? subah se mere face pe 12 aiwe hi baja hua tha.? ". She then said as you proposed me, there shouldn't be any change between us. We were friends and we will be friends. I said i have no issues.[ In my mind I wanted to hear the same].

 Now, we were inside the metro,Ruchi left us at Central Secretariat and we continued the same metro. Now to light up the mood. I gave the flowers and showed her the third gift . And said if u had accepted my proposal I would have gave the third one also.But I won't give you now. I will give this to you whichever comes earlier either your acceptance or your birthday.[Don't know why I kinda blackmailed her]

    Time passed and an office trip was planned . I clearly said to her if you are not coming , I am not going too. Then she agreed to come , but along with her elder sister . Mai to fas hi gya ab naa to haan bol paaya naa naa. So we all (7 colleagues) started our journey in an Innova around 8 pm. I was in last row with her and  her sister. As expected  her sister was sitting between us.Then we stopped for dinner around 10 pm . After dinner her sister gave the chance to sit her with me [Don't know if she did intentionally or not]. We had awesome Antakshari till 1 a.m. then all of them got sleepy except me. As she was just sitting beside me her head used to come to my shoulder time to time, but as soon as she got to know she just kept her straight, but it was long journey. After one hour her head finally landed to my shoulder for the long time as she was in deep sleep. This feeling was out of the world. At this time all I wanted was may this head remain on my shoulder forever and ever. I made sure that she don't feel the jerk of vehicle. She woke up in the morning and saw me awaking and asked if I was awake whole night . I lied that no I just woke up. But yes she got to know that whole night her head was on my shoulders.

 Now we were still inside that Innova. In the morning after her waking up , I gathered some courage and hold her hand. Due to shock or some running thoughts she parted her hand after 2 or 3 minutes.
I thought that this was the end of my love story and suddenly a miracle happened and now she was holding my hand . I kept holding her hand for the whole office trip in front of all 4 other colleagues without fearing all possible gossip ,rumors and taunts. This was my experience of #SoundOfLove in Silence as acceptance came silently without uttering a word. Sometimes we don't need to tell what we feel, the person whom you love can get to know your feelings very easily. Every time I meet her it seems that this is the best day ever. 

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trip to Dubai

1. The Dubai Fountain

2. The lighting effects on Burj Khalifa during fountain show

3. Burj Khalifa


3. Wide angle View of Dubai

4. The PineApple Building

5. Here comes my fav cars

Nissan GTR


Friday, September 6, 2013

Equality Society and Mathematics

I always try to analyse day to day things from my perspective. I always wonder about so called equality. Whether in mathematics or in society.  Let's try to understand it better with simple examples.
If somebody breaks a red-light what is the fine ?? let's say 200 RS. and its same for all people .
This is so called equality from our law. I simply don't agree. Because 200 RS doesn't value same for all people. A person earning million and a person earning thousands do have same feeling for 200 RS ???
NO right?
 Then how can we say law is same for all??
That's why I am always a fan of %[Percentage] in mathematics. It gives the real feel of equality for humans. If you spend 10% of your income. No matter how much you earn your feeling and a person whose income is 40% of your income will feel the same. Isn't it??
   So in my opinion for any service which is supposed to be in the category of equality  should  contain a equation like
                                             y= z*x +k;

  • y= Service cost
  • z= constant variable dependent on service in percentage , z>0 [Same for all for one service]
  • x= Annual or monthly income. x>=0
  • k= Constant dependent on service,K>0
So we will reach a graph roughly like
Now let's set an expected real working example of redlight jump now with the above equation.
As jumping redlight is a serious offence then I can set this equation as 
y= 1% of monthly income +200 RS.

So a person earning 10000 as monthly salary will end up paying the fine as :  1% of 10000+200=300
and a person earning 100000 as monthly salary will end up paying the fine as :  1% of 100000+200=1200

This way is we can spread equality. I have no idea is there such rule exits?? If know such rule anywhere in world let me know.
I want to know your opinion in comments. Feel free to say whatever comes in your mind.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Previous call to my MAMA

I have been always fond of renewable energy.  I always try to figure out that are we doing this right or there are changes  of further improvement ...?
So out of this curiosity I called my mama to get knowledge regarding solar panels who has great experience of dealing with electronics and electric devices. He has already 4 panels. He answered my questions as:
Price : 10 k max per solar plate 
Power: 9A per solar plate 
Warranty : 25 years!! 
What he suggested  for my family  is that two solar panels  will be more than enough for any season. That means initial investment of 20 k. Because we already have Battery-inverter . He told that we can easily  run 2 fans,  a motor for pumping our water to roof top, a PC. A normal household appliance usually works on 5A. So there is enough power generated by these two solar panels to run our household appliances in the day with the inverter charging the battery simultaneously, which can be used in night to run the fans and lit the bulb or CFL.  
 So on the average one can easily  save 300 rs per month on the average from electricity bill .  So at this minimum rate in 5-6 years your investment will be recovered and you will be helping in reducing your carbon footprint as well as your country's.  This saving of electricity will save us from

   1. Burning our money or creating  a hole in our pocket 
   2. Burning coal which can lead us to following benefits 
            2a. Reduction of carbon dioxide 
            2b. Help us making save our forest which usually get destroyed in the process of coal digging. 
   3. Less dependence on government 
   4. Global warming 
   5. Fear of electricity crisis in chilling summer (April to july)

so I have some questions in my mind after the call 

  •  Why government is not advertising or promoting this green thing /or any green technology?
  • Why government is not trying to solve our problems permanently 
  • Why can't they make a necessary rule to implement this who can easily afford this setup. 
  • Why government is feared to take hard steps, just because that they may loose votes? They may loose governance. 
Note: MAMA= My mom's brother 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food security bill: make sure India unsecure bill

So , the long awaited food security bill has been passed , due to weak opposition and strong political ruling party. And in this bill 67% of population is to be covered. That means our government admits that in India 67% can't afford any grain above 3 Rs per kg . We all know that a normal quality rice sells around 20Rs per Kg and wheat sells at 15 Rs min. If 67% can't afford any grain above 3 Rs . So how these many people were living in India past 15-20years. ? Were they dying by starvation?
And you know the answer : Its a big NO.
  So why this bill? Why now ?
The money government is investing in this bill can be easily invested to many employment generation programs. If somebody gets employed he can purchase goods at a good rate.
I think that making such bill will decrease the passion for work especially the farmers.
This bill will paralize the mass further. I am always against certain waive off on certain things. Or giving something free to somebody.  That's why we can see beggars everwhere. We gave them money and food for free.Why would someone work if he can get it for free.
Now take an example of a farmer who was growing rice until now if not selling just for himself. His cost per Kg comes around 17-18 Rs. So he sells some of it for 30 Rs per Kg. But he can get it now for 3Rs per Kg. So he will purchase at 3 Rs per kg . And will sell at 30 Rs per kg. But guess what who will purchase it . Simply no one because almost everyone is getting it at 3Rs. You will say government will purchase, but at what rate ? 30 Rs. Surely no. Government will purchase at 15-20 Rs. Tell me does a farmer will anything from this bill? I don't think so. I am also a farmer's grandson. I can Surely say that this bill will create chaos. And I have seriously no idea who will be benefited if a normal farmer can't get anything from this.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Funny side of Linux

Usually people think as Linux as a serious OS. But it has some inbuilt commands to make you smile.
here It goes::::

1. $yes
This command echoes your string repeatedly until killed
e.g. -> $yes this will be repeated indefinetly
2. $wall
This command will display your msg to all your logged user.
e.g.-> $wall hi to all
"hi to all" will be received by all of the user logged in through terminal
3. Black hole of linux :: /dev/null
redirect any output to this file and and it will return true that file has been written but this file is always null{blank}
4. file filled with NULL bytes :: /dev/zero
Accepts and discards all input; produces a continuous stream of NULL bytes. Can be used for low level disc formatting or erasing hardDisk data permanently
e.g. #dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M
5. file filled with random bytes
Accepts and discards all input; produces a continuous stream of random bytes. Can be used to wipe out hardDisk more securely.
#dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=1M
6. A file with no space to write :: /dev/full
Produces a continuous stream of NULL bytes when read, and returns a "write error: No space left on device"  message when written to
7. bc {indian readers only}
it's actually binary calculator.made for calculations in terminal
8. toilet
it is not installed by default . so apt-get helps you
$sudo apt-get install toilet
e.g. -> $toilet --gay You are so gay {steam locomative}
shows a running train in terminal
$sudo apt-get install sl
10. oneko
this makes mouse pointer as jerry and tom keeps running behind it
$sudo apt-get install oneko
11. $man woman
you will output as "No manual entry for woman"
12. $make love
make: *** No rule to make target `love'.  Stop.
13. cmatrix
matrix in your terminal
$sudo apt-get install cmatrix

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Autologin in Linux mint 13 -Enable / Disable

Enabling/disabling autologin has become very easy in  Linux mint 13.
Here are the steps::
Menu>Preferences>User Accounts>Unlock>Automatic Login>ON/OFF

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

get day of the week in linux for a specific date

and the command goes like
rahul $ date -d 20121212 "+%A" 

rahul$ date -d 20121213 "+%A" 

date is in YYYYMMDD form

Monday, March 25, 2013

Must have android Apps

1. Device management
   1.1. AirDroid  ::
AirDroid is an awesome free app that lets you wirelessly/wired manage your Android from your browser.
   1.2. Astro  ::
I use astro basically for backing up my installed apps
2. Productivity 
 2.1 Evernote::
This is best note app you can get free. Seemless sync across devices/platforms
2.2 Dropbox ::
Dropbox get you 2 GB of free cloud storage with no restriction on file or file length. Through referral you can increase it to 24 GB. Its amazing sync lets you sync across multiple devices or platforms[Window/Linux/Mac is out of box supported] 
3. Browsers.
3.1 Opera Classic::
Favorite due to ease of use and functions . My favorite since my Nokia time.
3.2 Google Chrome
This browser lets you sync tabs and bookmarks in real time
3.3 Firefox
During the time this browser has become much smoother,faster and easier to use. It can easily replace your stock android browser or chrome.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Syncing a folder without copying it to Dropbox folder

You can sync a folder in dropbox without pasting that folder into your Dropbox syncing folder.
So here it goes how .
For Windows
1. open the command prompt
2. type mklink /D yourDropBoxSyncLocation\linked_folder   folder_tobelink
eg ::

command :: mklink /D C:\Users\"Rahul Kumar"\Dropbox\linkedMusic  C:\Users\"Rahul kumar"\Music
symbolic link created for C:\Users\Rahul Kumar\Dropbox\linkedMusic <<===>> C:\Us
ers\Rahul kumar\Music

For Linux
1. Make a link of the folder{folder-Right Click-Make Link} which you want to sync .
2. Cut-Paste this linked folder into the Dropbox
3. You are all done. {See above -the folder is a just a link -But Content will be synced into this folder }

Turning off Android apps / Games ads

You might be knowing this , but its better to tell than not . This may be useful to new Android users.
Before going to play a game in which ads are bothering you just turn of mobile data/Wi-Fi (if the game is not depended on mobile data/Internet). As the ads coming in Apps comes directly from web . So turning off mobile data/ internet should work ..

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amazing Google Doodle as Valentine Days's gift

As expected from Google,they did it again i.e. celebrating valentine day with us .
Click on Heart to show more doodles.
Here are the glimples..

Here goes for the forever Alone guys