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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Syncing a folder without copying it to Dropbox folder

You can sync a folder in dropbox without pasting that folder into your Dropbox syncing folder.
So here it goes how .
For Windows
1. open the command prompt
2. type mklink /D yourDropBoxSyncLocation\linked_folder   folder_tobelink
eg ::

command :: mklink /D C:\Users\"Rahul Kumar"\Dropbox\linkedMusic  C:\Users\"Rahul kumar"\Music
symbolic link created for C:\Users\Rahul Kumar\Dropbox\linkedMusic <<===>> C:\Us
ers\Rahul kumar\Music

For Linux
1. Make a link of the folder{folder-Right Click-Make Link} which you want to sync .
2. Cut-Paste this linked folder into the Dropbox
3. You are all done. {See above -the folder is a just a link -But Content will be synced into this folder }


  1. I am a Linux user but i'd just thought I'd mention that the "mklink /D" command line command on Windows works in the same way the terminal command for your instructions ("ln -s") works, so it is possible - you just need to know your way around the command line.

  2. thanks for the info Scott .. I will try