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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food security bill: make sure India unsecure bill

So , the long awaited food security bill has been passed , due to weak opposition and strong political ruling party. And in this bill 67% of population is to be covered. That means our government admits that in India 67% can't afford any grain above 3 Rs per kg . We all know that a normal quality rice sells around 20Rs per Kg and wheat sells at 15 Rs min. If 67% can't afford any grain above 3 Rs . So how these many people were living in India past 15-20years. ? Were they dying by starvation?
And you know the answer : Its a big NO.
  So why this bill? Why now ?
The money government is investing in this bill can be easily invested to many employment generation programs. If somebody gets employed he can purchase goods at a good rate.
I think that making such bill will decrease the passion for work especially the farmers.
This bill will paralize the mass further. I am always against certain waive off on certain things. Or giving something free to somebody.  That's why we can see beggars everwhere. We gave them money and food for free.Why would someone work if he can get it for free.
Now take an example of a farmer who was growing rice until now if not selling just for himself. His cost per Kg comes around 17-18 Rs. So he sells some of it for 30 Rs per Kg. But he can get it now for 3Rs per Kg. So he will purchase at 3 Rs per kg . And will sell at 30 Rs per kg. But guess what who will purchase it . Simply no one because almost everyone is getting it at 3Rs. You will say government will purchase, but at what rate ? 30 Rs. Surely no. Government will purchase at 15-20 Rs. Tell me does a farmer will anything from this bill? I don't think so. I am also a farmer's grandson. I can Surely say that this bill will create chaos. And I have seriously no idea who will be benefited if a normal farmer can't get anything from this.