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Friday, November 8, 2013

Found my perfect pillow

I didn't know it before, the name which I wrote on computer screen with unconscious mind by mistake will be this much prestigious in my life. My mind gave more focus on the external environment input source (voice) in the background that time, as it always knew that this name will stay with me forever. 

I, a girl who had lost believe in Love. May be because of the surrounding environment where definition of Love has been changed to gain personal benefit rather than contributing to make someone’s heart smile. It’s quite common in our generation, we made an assumption about these beautiful blessing of god as useless word. But, now I firmly believe that Yes, there is something called LOVE, AFFECTION, CARE, TRUST. 

I switched my job after completing 2 years with my first employer company. I met the guy, who helped me to settle down in new environment. In no time, we became very good friends. Being in the same project and same nearest metro station, our travelling time also get included in tuning up the God's plan. We two were enough to make environment delightful, whether it is work or lunch/tea. 

After few months, our project got completed and we were assigned with two different projects at different location. Something different was running his mind which was visible to me through his text messages and call etc. You know as normal girl I was happy being pampered but, ignored his feeling to an extent and accepted it as a friendly care. 

We didn't meet for a long time. I had some work near in bank so we decide to meet after that over the coffee. As per my calculation and approximate time taken for the work in bank was max 1 n half hour. But my calculation goes wrong and it took around 4 hours to short out the things. As per my commencement to the time he reached at the place where we supposed to meet after my work. Unfortunately, I was late and he kept on waiting for 4 hours.

Finally, I was on the way to meet him. We met at the metro station headed towards CP. I got to know that Ruchi, very good friend of him is also there near by CP. So he planned to call her to meet me as I had heard a lot about her. Although this instant hang out plan was pre-planned. We all went to park to enjoy the weather and to stay close to nature (Or can say cheapest hang out place ;-D). Around half hour later we girls became real amigo (Friends).
After some chit chat and snacks, we were about to leave for home. We all stood up, I was ready to go but I saw some mysterious talks were going on in between Ruchi and him. In the time while I could have understand anything, He was on his knees in front of me holding a lovely heart shaped Keychain having 2 hearts (A big and 1 small with in it). “Neeru, I would like give you my heart, Will you please take care of it”.
I was not expecting this from him as I had accepted it as friendly care. But Yes, I was on cloud 9, more than happy as I never got proposal in such a lovely way. I didn't want to be in relationship at that time and also don’t want to loose my buddy as well. So, for the time being my reply was No with a promise that nothing will change about our friendship.

It's true that nothing has changed. He kept on taking care of mine. Still our projects were different. The only difference was on my side, I was trying hard to ignore his feelings which were conveyed to me and still were in progress via his msgs. There was nothing special in those messages, but every word made fell on my knees and made my heart beat faster. I was surprised with my own behavior. Still I was not ready to accept it. 

After few days, a trip was planned by My colleagues to get rid from work, at least for sometime. At same-time one part of mine was excited to go and another was stopping me to join. Reasons of both thoughts was same. It was him. Finally I was ready to go on trip, but with my elder sister. Going on trip was planned by first part who was excited to go and taking sister along with was my another half parts decision.

Now starts my platinum day of love. Our trip started at Friday night. We were 7 people in innova(7 seater excluding driver). We 3 were on back seat, me my sister and him in the same sequence initially. We stopped to have late night munching at a dhaaba. After having fun munching at dhaba we continued our trip. But this time seating sequence changed and I was in center this time. We enjoyed playing antakshari till 2 pm. It was great feeling to be in the same team. We all started feeling sleepy. It was also hard for me to stay awake. I was conscious as Rahul was seating besides me. I was afraid that my head might land on his shoulder. After a jerk I opened my eyes n my head was on his shoulder.  It felt so Awesome and my head was well fitted and placed as it was made to complete each other. Being controlled by my heart I was unable to move my head from his shoulder. After little bit of fight with my heart I moved my head a  bit which I really didn't wanted to. As I moved his hand came on my cheeks kind of gesture to let a child go to sleep. It was a never felt fantastic feeling which has melted my heart even more. Now intentionally my head was on shoulder. It was more comfortable than any pillow in the world. It was indicating that I have found my personal pillow.:-)

We reached at our destination. We all enjoyed a lot . We did rock climbing, rappelling  and other adventure activities.  I was enjoying his company more than anything else.  In all these every time our eyes meet each other. There was always the same question in my eyes 'why r u doing so.?' And every time he smiles so patiently as he was saying 'I don't know just can't resist this feeling for u. I had tried a lot before.' 

At night there were 3 sharing tents on our camp for us. 1 tent was triple sharing, in which me and my sister was there and him(the odd one). We had some casual talks. Later on my sister fall asleep and we both were out in amazing weather and kept on looking around. That moment was so perfect. Being together.. without saying anything.. in arms of nature. Later on my head land on his shoulder in very conscious state. Without saying anything we committed to each other to stay together. 
We are together currently. Every time we met , it none the less than our this day described above. But yes, this stays with us as a beautiful memory and we love it.

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