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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small trip to Palwal

Here goes some snaps from Palwal- Sohna Road

1. Snap from K.M.P Expressway
 2. Another blurred snap
 3. K.M.P Expressway
 4. Near Silani Chauk
 5. Some where on Sohna Road

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bihar and Biharis

Since I came to Delhi back in 2007, I came to know that in Delhi ,bihari is the community which gets the least respect here. I think the same is true in all other states too. 
So I started my individual mission here that in any case I won't hide my identity regardless whether the person is anti bihari or not.
Now let's drill down why biharis are treated like this in Delhi or other places. 
Here are the possible reasons and explanations .
    1. Its biharis itself the explanation part. Because a bihari itself doesn't want to be called bihari. During the time the word bihari became an equivalent to a gali. 
Now let's think why a bihari doesn't want to be called a bihari
The only one reason i found is Low self respect in bihari community.
Why there is low self respect because we(biharis )are all aware that the we get the least respect in other states. And due to this fact. Biharis are trapped in a cycle.
The good people from bihar  hide their identity and the state's reputation remain as it is  and thus people continue to hide their identity.

But I want to tell all biharis out there who are reading this . Don't be ashamed of your born (native)place no matter how bad reputation it got. Because nothing is permanent in this world, so is reputation. If Bihar doesn't have that respect we have to built it . No one else will build this reputation ,we Biharis have to build this . And building a good reputation is not that big as we think. I know the fact the fact there are still more good and educated people from Bihar than the perceived bad and illiterate biharis out there. 
   2. The language itself. Usually a bihari is considered to speak bhojpuri which is although a major speaking language there but Bihar contains many other regional and well developed languages. But we biharis have very less respect of our mother tongue that's why bhojpuri has became a synonym of cheap and vulgar. Again who is responsible for it .again none of other but we. Its us who make cheap and vulgar song and lyrics. 
And the people from bhojpuri background doesn't speak this as their mother tongue, thus there is nothing which can reduce the cheapness of our well developed language bhojpuri or any other bihari regional languages. 
I want to ask a simple question from all the people from Bihar ..have u heard any Punjabi,Bengali, madrasi family talking among themselves any other language other than their mother tongue. I think the answer will be No in 95% cases, so why we should ashamed of birth place. Its not the birthplace which makes us respect full its us who makes our birth place or native place respected . It's only Biharis who are responsible for what we are now . Your parents don't talk in your  mother tongue outside Bihar then its their fault , it applies inside Bihar too , I have seen many guys talking in Hindi in Patna to their friend who belongs to their village infront of shopkeepers . 
So please avoid such mistake, we have to make our country, state, city ,better by carrying our culture with us.

Update: Now a days during the frequent metro travel I am finding more and more bihari people taliking in their mother tongue and I feel good now. Keep it up.