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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Me and my relationship with water

Yes, you read it right . To be precise I can say I am in love with water, that too since my childhood.
I confirmed this childhood love by the different stories told by my parents and elder brother.
Part of Story which I don't remember-- being told by Gaurdians:
1. Literally Jumped from Shoulder(Lap) (Godi):
Usually due to my working parents many times my elder brother (Sudhir Bhaiya) used to take care of me.He may be 11-12 years old when I was 1-2 years old. As he was unaware of my love for water,I took a jump from his shoulder and fell on ground and I got hurt too. Every time he walked near flowing water , he used to hold me tightly , but never left trying to jump off from shoulder whenever I saw water(mainly flowing-read canal).
2. Long baths in childhood:
Usually moms have complaint about their child that they cry during bath, but in my case she had to drag me from the bath tubs and buckets. There was no limit of time if I was left alone with water to play.
Part of Story which I can remember--Self felt
1. Watching the flow of canal at bridges:
I still flow with flow of water of canal near the bridges in which water falls from some height (hardly one feet). I stare the flowing/falling water for hours.What I think watching that flow - none. I simply watch that without thinking anything that's why I used to watch for such long hours. I can easily remember canals of my hometown and my village.
2. Enjoying the drinking of water :
This point may seem to odd to most people ,but yes I enjoy the drinking of water. This is the reason I easily drink 5-6 litre of water even in winters.
3. Watching the rain-fall:
 I don't need to describe this point, almost everybody enjoys the rainfall

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