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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sister Bond

Sometime it’s the distance which makes us apart from each other. Yes, Distance matters. The same thing happens with me and my elder sister after her marriage. She is happily married now since one year. To be very true, I was being brought up under my sister's shade, she was always there with me in any situation. And after her marriage it was really hard for me to accept that now I have to make my mind habitual with this.

There was a time when we were not bothered about where and when we should go. In few seconds we used to decide.. Yes we wanna have some fun time without thinking of the place to go. Whether it’s SN(Sarojini Nagar), Lajpat Nagar Market, Select city or just a walk to our nearby local shops. On every Saturday we always had an outing without even a single miss.  

After her marriage I got chance to travel to UK(London) for my official work for one and half month. I was excited to have a new experience. And as I had habit of sharing my almost every kind of experience with my sister, I wanted to have long chats with her. It was one of my amazing experiences. But after her marriage it got little difficult with the time. It’s been 3 months I returned back from UK but till now I didn't get chance to share my experience with her or to see pics together.

After marriage she is always busy with her household chores. Her time is dedicated to her new wonderful family. My Jiju(sister's husband) take cares of her a lot. But I miss her a lot. I missed her on my trip. There is no fun in shopping and visiting new places alone. I would like to have fun with her besides the London eye from morning to evening and to see the awesome view around from the top of it.  I wanna be a child again in sea Aquarium with her while watching the sea creatures. I wanna hold her hand tightly in London Dungeon.  I would like to click her funny photographs in Madame Tussaud, So that I can tease her later.  After all I am the younger one and I do have right to be naughty. Roaming around the Trafalgar Square and shopping at oxford and regent street would be awesome.  Even just watching the pigeons in front of Nation Gallery would be cool. 

I hardly got time to share my UK trip experience with her, but I would like to live those moments with her. I Love her a lot and she is the best sister in the world. It could seem to be very common words but for me, I mean it.  Your sibling is the first friend of yours chosen by god. I am blessed to have a best friend as my sister. Our most of the friends are common and I never released that I personally made a very few friends. I do have hands full of friends because of my sister today. After her marriage some misunderstanding came between us though we sorted those out. But we both miss those times when everything was even this much transparent between us, that if we used to receive each other's call, nobody got to know that he/she is talking to the wrong person. ;-)  I wish to cover the distance which came between us in one year.

Me and My sister on her marriage
One of the my sweet memories with my Sister

A trip together is a great idea to cover this distance.  I will surely Plan a trip together with her to Go further to get Closer.

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