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Monday, March 10, 2014

London, Dream Destination with My sister

London, A city where I enjoyed being independent for the very first time in my life.  It was my official trip of 6 weeks. These 6 weeks were full of mixed bag of emotions and feeling. I had amazing experience as well as I missed my family a lot more over my elder sister.  She is happily married since one year now.  Till the time I am still not habitual with the fact that she can’t be always available to confirm my choice while shopping or to share coffee and delicious experimented cuisines in different restaurants  or  to explore new places with me. These were the reasons which were responsible for missing her a lot. All these were the major part of my trip but all along with my colleagues. It’s not that I hadn’t enjoyed their company but it was really difficult for being single girl in the group.

Its’ my sister whom I want to be a part of my dream travel. I wish, I will have this trip to London along with my sister in future. As someone said “Good planning is half the Battle”. It’s better to plan for such to be a memorable holiday.
In planning a holiday or any other trip, financial decisions are one of the most important factors. We all want that our money should be utilized in the efficient manner.  Air travel tickets, hotel rent, food, local travel and shopping etc. come under financial decision.

 First, Air tickets took a major junk of all investments (i.e. to have beautiful memories.). SkyScanner is one of the best app or site to research for the available ticket's prices on your specified dates. I would I always prefer to get return flights book if your travel duration if fixed. You can opt for direct or indirect flights to you destination. 
 Second, it’s the Hotel to stay. It’s always best to book your hotel before arrival. I would prefer to stay at a calm place rather than in centre of London. There is a reason behind this, I will describe later. You can easily get a room in between 70 £ to 120 £ a day along with Wi-Fi connection and including breakfast. So it necessary to search well with the help of lord Google and to read reviews too.
Third, it’s travel charges. Hiring a taxi for airport transfer along with your air tickets is the thing which we must do. For traveling locally in London, You can buy and Oyster card which is similar as of our metro card but with some extra facilities. As this works for all 3 public transport available in London (Bus, Train and Tube).  I prefer to travel by buses as its weekly pass was cheap (around 19.60 £ as I remember) and it’s really a great fun to be seated on the first seat on the upper deck of the bus.  Though don’t just get stuck with the bus option, rather have map search on your mobile to find the routes and the approximate time to reach. For travelling in London, you just need is your list of places to visit and your smart phone along with the map search or navigation app

app and with the nice battery backup too. Else All can get little messy as we mobile generation feels choked sometimes without phones. J
Packing is also a big task for a trip. Before packing your bags made sure that you have checked the weight allowed for check-in luggage and cabin luggage in flights. And also keep a copy of your passport and the phone no and address of  Indian Embassy in London.   For travelling to London an umbrella is must. London’s weather is totally unpredictable. It could turn out to be a rainy day after a sunny morning or vice versa.  If you are on any medications, don’t forget to put you medicines along with you doctor’s prescription. As without prescription you may not be allowed to keep the medicines. You daily usage thing like your shaving kit, tooth brush and hair oil etc also should be a part of you packing.  I personally prefer to keep a needle and thread in bags, as it doesn’t made my luggage heavier and it could be a useful thing in any kind of wardrobe malfunction. Pack your clothes according to the weather. This is all you have to do.  And the most important thing is, don’t forget to leave some space for the shopping over there. J

Having fun, which is the main motive to have trip.  Just loosen up yourself to fly in the air and forgot everything to live those moments. If you wanna dance under the Big Ben on “London thumkda”, then go ahead. This is what I want to do with my darling sis on West Minister Bridge under ‘ghenti Big Ben di’. Go crazy have hundreds of the pictures clicked having your madness. Even after having an umbrella getting wet in the rain. After that waiting for you clothes to be dry along with a hot coffee sounds nice. Don’t be afraid of trying new cuisines, it the time to check out food and don’t forget to praise if you liked the food. Go shopping and don't even live a single place if you have days to cover them all. From London Eye to Buckingham palace, from Chessington world of Adventure to Hampton court, from Portsmouth beach to regent street's Hamleys(Toy shop  Established in 1760) and don't leave the natural History Museum and Science museum too.

Me And My Sister
All these are the part of my dream travel along with my sister.After marriage she is always busy with her household chores. Her time is dedicated to her new wonderful family. My Jiju(sister's husband) take cares of her a lot. I would like to have fun with her besides the London eye from morning to evening and to see the awesome view around from the top of it.  I wanna be a child again in sea Aquarium with her while watching the sea creatures. I wanna hold her hand tightly in London Dungeon.  I would like to click her funny photographs in Madame Tussaud, So that I can tease her later.  After all I am the younger one and I do have right to be naughty. Roaming around the Trafalgar Square and shopping at oxford and regent street would be awesome.  Even just watching the pigeons in front of Nation Gallery would be cool. I wish this will be executed soon and sisters will rock. :)


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