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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Starting to haunt women initiative

Yes ladies,u just read right. I have decided to haunt you. I will follow you in your day to day paths,I will sit just beside you in metro,bus,train instead of having other vacant seats.
Now collect all your abuses and scream those to me .
Hope you feel Lil better after abusing me . Now you will say two things 
      1. Isme naya kya h or those who know will ask 
      2. Why this step?? And why now.

Let me start explain myself before you leave this blog. Actually recent incidents against women hurt me so badly to think about men n women. What I can do or what a woman can do or what a society should do?
First woman can do two things .
  • To teach their child how to respect women. This is very serious matter as I usually find women have a causal n usual disrespect against another women. Common things like the girls who hang out with boys other women consider those as bad girls without knowing anything. The list is long...Who goes to party , who drinks, who smokes, who comes late last but not the least who has a boy friend.I as a boy learn to respect any girl because I never heard my Mom complaining any girl over the above mentioned reasons. So I think respect for girls came naturally to me. 
  • Secondly and more importantly , never hide your harassment , fear or concern. It's a bad world for the weak ones, the more you hide the more things will get worse for you. Don't fear anybody and anything. If somebody is against you, remember that you yourself are sufficient for any resistance. We guys will follow you...lead the way Ladies!!!..
Ye to ho gayi from ladies to ladies waali baat , now what gentle man should do so that there is,no  harsh behaviours or harassment to ladies.
Here I want to make a single point that in most of the cases its not the bad guys that harasses a girl it's the good guy who stops protecting the girl.
So,the above one is the women part of does and don't s.. Now let us move to more serious part. The men part of role. When we hear Any news of women harassment we just ignore as this is not happening to our family. We care only about our family, we got zero attachment of a person belonging to another here I want to appeal to the good guys please make a protective cover to girls. There are very some simple steps you can follow to save some sisters and mother of others.
  1. Following the ladies path: whenever u find a single woman please follow her at max, follow more incase of you find other following her too. This may scare her in the way but at last she can reach the destination safely. 
  2. Standing side by side: this step should be followed by men in the buses, train n metro. many times men take advantage of crowd and harass women in the crowd. So let take a, pledge that good guys will create a crowd around women wherever whenever they can.