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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book review part1- Private India by Ashwin Sanghi

This is the first time I am writing review for any book. Since my early days I am fond of books no matter what genre. I read almost all kind of books. But I never let their review to be published. I have Geeta, quran ,chacha shades of grey(gave a try just because of hype :P).
But my favourite genre of books are autobiography, biography, comedy humour, science, computer, politics etc. I was/am never a fan of fiction especially murder, horror or mystery.
When I got this newsletter from #Blogadda that it will be autographed by the writer himself and book will be delivered to my place and coauthored by James Patterson then I thought why shouldn't I gave this genre a try. Last time I read such Nobel I was in 7th grade and due to torn cover I even don't know which book I read then.
It will be a new book and got more sense than my 7th grade :P.

The book was delivered on time nicely packed and autographed by Ashwin Sanghi. Thanks #Blogadda to make me feel privileged. Due to my busy scheduled days I read this book in slots.
By reading the first chapter I get involved in this book picturing all those scenes happening just before my eyes. From the very first chapter story get intense as there happened a murder in the posh area(hotel).but the real mystery was that purpose of murder is not found. In these intense moments the author still finds the humor coefficient- this is where I must have to salute the author for its creativeness. Story goes on and on and so is murders.
In all these happening what I appreciate from a reader point of view that the author also got authority of science- means teaching us valuable lessons of some real life investigations.
Being a technical person I always try to learn some science wherever I can extract. I must admit that this book increased my knowledge many folds.

The story revolves around the the various murders happening in Mumbai in a short span of time. These murders are connected by a pattern. Private India tries to find the pattern, motive,clues to reach out the murderer. In the process of investigation author has tried to explain every aspect of Mumbai life- from night life to Underworld,from human trafficking to prostitution,from forged begging to busy hectic life.

The main thrilling point of book is that the reader is completely clueless who can be murderer.
Ashwin has put many twists for suspects, it starts with Hair-dresser to mafia,fraud baba to doctor, singer to attorney general and last but not the least a private india's staff.

Although at some point of time book looses it grip but as soon as you are about to seem disinterested,
Ashwin gives a new twist. Overall this book by Ashwin and James Patterson is a nice thrill to enjoy.
Ashwin has really moved me to add a new genre to my interest . I will wait for Ashwin's next release.
I won't give you any spoilers here. My finals words would be - if you are a fan of fiction you must read this book.

Title: Private India
Author: Ashwin Sanghi | James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books
Page Count: 470
My Rating: 4.3/5 

It is available at Flipkart and Amazon.

Here is the cool trailor of the book

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