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Monday, October 20, 2014

How the game begun

I use to visit Blogadda very often just to see if there is any contest or event going on. That's how I came across Game of Blogs. I was excited to take part of it but somehow I missed to register. But then I got a reminder call from the Blogadda . thanks Blogadda. I registered immediately and got in the Game of Blogs.

Like all participants I was also eager to know what I have to go, what I have to write what will be the topic, etc etc. After few days a team of 10 people assigned for Game of Blogs in which I was also a part of.
As soon as I got the team n story details I decided to take immediate action on future plans and plot. Meanwhile I was thinking about the story I email to each teammates to collaborate and contribute as soon as possible . Out of 10 I got reply from 6 of them within few hours.
We crossed our first hurdle of mode of communication, for story discussion there was chain conference call in which each person will call another member till all join. And for further discussions we agreed to communicate via Whatsapp.
On the very first day we had a good conference call of 1 hour around 11 to 12 in which we almost decided our plot and we assigned the sequence of bloggers who will write first, second and so on.
In this discussion we decided to give each blogger freedom for the story board. He/she had to pick the story line from previous members and he was free to take the story according to his will.

So our teammates continue to write and post for the game of blogs. I would like to thank Mr Sneh for the team Co ordination as well as communication with Blogadda as well. Sneh was always there for any team member whether it's 7am or 1 am .

For our first round I like to thanks all the team members who took participation in the event. Due to all of the effort we made we successfully crossed the first hurdle and we entered the second round.  But due to personal obligations,certain team members finally decided to leave the contest and not to participate in second round but rest of the teammates didn't lose hope.
We got storyboard for the second round, this time we decided to change our strategy for the event. What we decided was to bind each and every blogger to plot ie starting and end point will be fixed before any post. Thus we decided a common plot and divided into 7 parts and assigned each part to a particular member.
In this way anyone was free to write at any point of time. In second round we got some new faces. Special thanks Blogadda and Sneh for the seamless effort.
After the second round we waited anxiously for the results and yes we got the results. We were 12 th from 30 entries. We just missed 2 positions to get into the third round.
But never mind, we learn a lot from this event. It made me and Sneh very good friends. Besides blogging we now share personal interests. This event taught us Co ordination between persons with different mindsets and interests. For us winning was not crucial, taking part till the end was.

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