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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seeking Happiness

Happiness is the word that the whole world is constantly searching for. Many ideas, theories and philosophies are there just to make us happy. So is an international day for it too, therefore 20th March of each year is chosen by UN. 

Now a days we are so much focused on getting success, getting rich and getting famous that we usually forget that we are not getting happiness.  Then despite of being rich, successful and famous we end up with being depressed and unhappy. I am going to share the comprehensive list of  people who suffered major depressive disorder                           .

Almost everybody knows that money and fame won't make us happy but still whole world seems to running behind these. I will share one more story I like the most - is a story of small Mexican fisher man and it goes like this -  or

You can replace this small fisherman with any villager living in remote village doing some agriculture or farming for his living. I have been to villages too, there you won't find any luxury found in metro cities like - Pubs, Malls , 5 Star Hotels, Gyms, Swimming Pools, etc. But on the parameters of happiness how will you rate Metropolitan city vs a village. Surely everyone knows the answer. If not read this as an example. 

I am not trying to say that people living in cities can't be happy or famous people can't find happiness. To get happiness we need to visualize the fake happiness and real happiness. A fake happiness is a temporary happiness or I can say happiness for one or two times.
 Examples: Getting a new car will surely make us happy but for how long? After some day we start thinking is it good enough for me, I should have a different model, this car doesn't have these facilities  etc etc. 

For me a real happiness is seeing a child smiling - no matter what's your age, what's your social status, how much deep pocket you get. Every time you see a child smiling, will surely bring smile on your face. And for this kind of happiness you don't have to go to a village or city. 

To get real happiness we need to pause our rat race time to time and think about people and nature around us . 
I am trying to list down some small things that makes me happy 
  • Getting chance to play with children
  • Seeing any child happy and smiling
  • Getting, reading and smelling a new book
  • Gardening
  • Playing outdoor sports like: cricket, football
  • Meeting my old pals after a long time
  • Bunking office and have lunch with my love
  • Able to help any stranger.
  • Talking to parents
  • Having coke with Pizza.

  • Solving a long pending bug.
  • Visiting a less crowded temple,park
  • A long bus/train ride with windows seat
  • Listening the bird chirping 

  • Watching the rain 
  • Getting a head massage from mom.
  • Knowing that daddy will be home with some sweets and getting it.
  • Getting a public holiday on Monday or Friday :)

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