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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sequence of moment of devotion

We being in relationship often used to roam around shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, bars,parks etc. Very few of us go to temple before marriage. I am going to present you a small date of ours around a temple. The temple was - "Guffa waala Mandir (Preet Vihar)". 

During my college days I visited this temple earlier on Janamashtmi and I felt very attached to its aura from very first moment. So I wanted to go there again with her. I told her and she agreed instantly.
We went there and we offered our worship there to all God present there and in last we entered to the main part of temple where Aarti is offered to Lord Shiva, Ganesha and etc.

Before Aarti we offered our pray to Shiva and Ganesha. She was little late for prayer as she got a call from her elder sister .But here I want to put her moment of devotion first then I will put mine.
Below is what she wrote.

Around 6 pm at Guffa mandir in Preet Vihar, It was Aarti time. As we entered, pandit ji asked him to ring the bell for aarti. Aarti is something to convey Ur thanks to god and to pray for being blessed. 
Though I don't like high volume sounds, but there is something magical in the sound of the temple bells. It makes Ur mind to concentrate on god. It could vary from person to person and time to time. 

Aarti started. We were in front of lord shiv and Goddess Parvati along with Lord Ganesh. I was standing in between of lord's family and him my future family. Mantra chants started, bell started ringing, once twice thrice.... n kept on going..  I really do believe in God's plans. Just to remind Bhagwan ji. 

Me: " Bhagwan ji, this is the guy behind me who is ringing the bell and I know what he has asked to you.. Will u please please listen to him n bless him."

Lord Shiva smiled. n me too. I looked back, he was still busy in offering his services. By the time I was only able to see, was lord Shiva's family and him. Only sound which were reaching to my mind was bells sound. He looked at me as he is saying "I m here don't worry. I am Okay. My hands are not aching".
I turned back. "Thank u bhagwan ji, I promise I will take care of him throughout my life. Please give me this chance to do so."

This was her moment of inspiration and devotion. At the time of bell ringing I just thought I have to do no matter what it takes. As you already know everybody has preference of God. Somebody likes Krishna more and for somebody else its Hanuman only. I am a big fan of Hanumanji and lord Shiva. As I have to get marry to her I couldn't pray to Hanumanji as he is still bachelor, so I moved to God of love ie Shiva as in every Avatar he married to his love ie ParvatiJi and vice versa.

While she was busy talking to her sister as I said to Shivji," Dekh rahe ho na ye ladki jo mere saath aayi h, Yahi hai wo jiske saath mujhe puri jindagi bitaani hai."
Out of filmy influence I wanted to see her standing by my side at the end of my prayer but her call was little longer than I expected. 

I felt bad when I saw she is not there by my side, but I get the life lesson that it is not necessary every time that  what you think is what you will get, what matters most is to keep trying what you want to achieve. Therefore I waited a little long and she showed up and I got the life lesson that -" Never give up no matter what".

Similar case happened when we were trying to lookup for housing and when I was about to loose hope to get anything genuine, good and within budget. This webpage gave me the desired boost to start the hunt again. Life is all about looking up for good in every situation.

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