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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Alone's new Start

My home town belongs to a small town of Bihar called Sasaram. I completed my 10th from Sasaram and 12th from Patna and Btech from Delhi.

 Till my 10th grade I used to live with my parents and younger brother. We have  a small family of only four people.
After 10th I moved to Patna for 12th with my elder cousin. Although my father wanted to send me to Kota(Rajasthan), but I denied and took my first bold decision against my father's will to go to Patna. I decided this due to the fact that going Kota will be more expensive than Patna, in terms of tuition fee and living. I didn't let dad know this fact otherwise he would have forced me to go Kota at any cost.  I just assured him Patna is as good as Kota for the preparation of Engineering exams. This way I Started A New Life in Patna away from home. 
During my years of living in Patna I learnt many life lessons apart from academics lessons. Following are worth mentioning.:-

  • Hard work always needs to be in sync with consistency
  • You don't need a direct blood relation to take care of somebody. [ My elder cousin let me forget that I don't have any elder brother]
  • Health is very important factor if you want to achieve any goal.
  • Academics degrees are papers only which can't determine one's intelligence.
  • Marketing is a good way to increase your business. Quality takes time to reveal.
  • Many students score low only because of lack of quality teachers.
  • Paying more won't get you good teacher/faculty/institute.

Although I didn't score well to get into IITs or NITs but scored enough to get into govt colleges in Delhi. Therefore I moved to Delhi alone. Alone here means - In the counselling I was alone(my parents believed in me) and I decided college and branch alone without anyone's help.

After completing my graduation from AIACTR, New Delhi. I got a decent job. And after 2 years of job I decided to buy a flat in Delhi-NCR. Although I didn't have much of savings but I had confidence on my family and friends that they will help me in any situation. 

 I selected few of the flats to take into consideration and asked my parents to come Delhi to see whether I am purchasing a good flat or not. Various sites helped me into selecting the few ones which I liked eg.  Here is the ad you can see how it started.

Parents came and visited a few of them. But at the day they were leaving for Sasaram, I was still looking for some more flats as we hadn't reached to any of flats shown earlier. At the time my parents were leaving Delhi, I was dealing with property dealer to get my deal done. My mom said over the phone said "No need to buy it today, you should move out from there, we will it some other day or some other flat." But I took my second bold step and gave the token money to them as I liked the structure, location, reputation of builder and plan.

This way I lead a foundation to #StartANewLife where I will spend a significant part of my life.

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