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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Have you got the Coupons?

Almost everybody loves to shop but at the same time we want to save our money too. There is always a trade off between the product you like and price you pay. You wonder always if I can get this item with some discount or not? If you get any discount then you always wonder whether I am getting the maximum discount or not? If you are getting a heavy discount then if you start thinking whether the product is genuine or not?
Amazon solves all of your worries at once. Here you get almost every-time genuine products at lowest price with very timely delivery.

One of the nice initiative by amazon is about getting your items by yourself from their hub/store. This will be useful for those persons who are living or driving  near by their hub/store. They can get their items before the estimated delivery time.

Now amazon charges 499 for free delivery, it's same as their competitors, so no issues for me as delivering small items is not feasible for long time. But what I like most about them is their delivery and their return policy. Many companies used to return your money as their gift vouchers but  amazon directly transfers to your account or credit card. One more good thing about amazon return policy is that they ask your time slot when you will be available at your location.

The second thing about amazon is that it's review system and newly introduced questions and answers are awesome.
While shopping at amazon you get really good deals in deals section not like other site who show increased prices then reduces it.
I like  Amazon because of multiple reasons. 
1. You will get the best price almost every time 
2. You can get even a 50 RS item on COD without shipping charges. I have ordered multiple books under 99 without paying any shipment charges. 
3. Speed of delivery - this thing always left me surprised. You can order today and sometimes without ordering for the next day delivery you can get it delivered next day. I can remember a day when I ordered a book around 11 P.M and I got it delivered on 11 AM next day and this was a normal order. 
4. Authentic products - my Amazon orders have reach the count around 100 but I haven't found any duplicate or cheap Chinese products. 
5. Nice Sellers : I have ordered- the hunger games and it is shipped within 3 days and price was lowest on internet. 
6. Pre-launch booking available for various types of items. - I have purchased Blue-ray of Guardians of the galaxy for just 600 Rs.
7. you get same day delivery just for 99 Rs.
8. You get two options for your delivery- 
a. Group the items into as few deliveries as possible
b. Deliver items as they become available.
9. Delivery time can be adjusted - I had ordered something for friend's birthday but estimated delivery date was one day after the birthday, however on my request they delivered one day before and that too within the specified time of the day. I asked them to deliver by 3 pm they deliver around 2:30 pm. 

Now, you to get the maximum deal from Amzon - And the option of exploring all amazon deals from a single page is - 
Home page of 27Coupons

This site is your one stop destination for all your worries. What I do is I just landed into the site went to the amazon link and bookmarked the URL , so next time - deals on amazon got handy.
Here is amazon link if you want to see the deals going on there . 
Landing page for amazon

On this page you can enjoy deals with more than 90% success rate very easily. 
Enjoy the deals!! Enjoys Amazing Amazon !! And Finally all of these through

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