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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Joining the new league

I am pretty much excited to join the league promoted by kapil dev.
here is the link of of his new link promoting his league.

Here are some more videos from the Kapil dev.

Usually people say that you have to play or do something from your heart then you are bound to win. 
But Kapil Dev says you will get Hit Wicket by playing with your heart makes my very curious what this league is going to be like.

I cannot miss his introduction to this new league. I want to watch what is this all about. Please reveal the mysteries as soon as possible. The rush is taking my nerves.

I am fan of Kapil Dev since I was able to understand cricket in my childhood. In my hometown every boy wanted to become Sachin but I was not settled only for the batting, I wanted to contribute my team as a bowler too. So, my role model was Kapil Dev for the obvious reasons.

As we can see from the video that Kapil Dev is talking about a league where use is heart/dil won't work.
So I am guessing that it will be some sort of less emotional and more brainy game where your emotional quotient will try to override the logic of your mind. And this is where you are bound to fail.

In our life sometimes it happens that our mind tries to show us the right way but our heart ignores it. One of the greatest example I can relate is from movie Ranjhana. Despite knowing the girl won't give him any chance he tried everything to woo her. But he failed every single time. Sometime life gives is pretty clear signals and due to love we continue to ignore them. This is one of the reasons why we used to call that "Love is Blind."

Let me give you an example where I am giving your love a new angle from my mind. We all love our mother, sister and even father who used to do our household chores. But let analysis minutely........

We have a notion that homemakers don't contribute to the family income.But reality is very different, I would say that a normal home maker or so called housewives earns upto 20k per month.

Before reading further I would like to say that I am not comparing anybody to anybody. I am just trying to point out economic perspective of a housewive and want to create more respect for them.
 So let's start.(Figures are in monthly basis)

1They cook for us5k- 10k
2They took care children5k- 10k
3They took care for house cleanliness2k- 05k
4Further managing your home budget2k -05k
Total14k -30k

These are some tasks which are just highlighted for the example perspective.Any home maker does a lot more than that. I want to highlight first point specially that there are more benefits for cooking at home, if you eat cooked food at home made by your family member.

It has been proved that those who eat home cooked food have a good health. If you are healthy this health can save you around 10-20k in a year on average. Therefore, we can see that a normal home maker saves much money I can calculate or you can imagine.

By calling home maker or housewife, I don't want to suggest that it's only a women job. A man can be a good homemaker. It should be personal or mutual choice that who will play this role. If anyone is opting for being a home maker we should not think him/her anywhere inferior than who is earning for family.

Dear readers, if you have a housewife or your mom as a homemaker - have respect towards her.She may not be earning money directly but always remember - "Money saved is money earned".

It's not like that we have to think only by our heart we have to apply our mind to reach destiny, that what I can say Kapil Dev tries to prove here.

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