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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My First Experts

For me there was not a single first expert in my life. I can hardly distinguish who is more important to me - Mom or Dad. For me they are a single entity. Since my childhood if somebody asks  whom you love more Mom or Dad. I still can't figure it out. I have been continuously showered with love from both.
Everybody needs experts for some suggestion or to get their work done. I have a single expert called- Parents. If I ask any advice from Mom or Dad I will get a single concrete answer from any of them. Means there was always a firm advice no matter how much this has been discussed between them.

All of must agree that our parents are the first teachers read (experts) we came across (especially mother). I have learnt a lot of things from parents whether it is academics or normal life. I am always thankful to my mom and dad for all of the lessons they taught me intentionally or unintentionally. By saying unintentionally I mean to say they themselves gave a solid examples of teachings in form of day to situation handling. I would like to mention some great examples , so let's start with mom first-

Examples set my mom-
  1. Avid reader: No matter what it takes my mom kept reading and studying alive (in short keeping her hobby alive).My mom did her M.A. in psychology from Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya (Varanasi) while having me as a kid.
  2. Fight for the right and rights- In some situations where there is a conflicting matter between my mom and dad, my mom use to fight for right. e.g. - In the name of love marriage my dad was very upset, he accepted it front of me but he couldn't accepted it heartily. Understanding the whole situation my mom came to rescue and gave some good logic to dad why he should accept my condition. Now dad is more than happy and knock the most people off who give absurd logic against love marriage.
  3. Changing the image of women- When I get little sense(In btech u can say :D) I found men are usually stereotyping women. Girls/Women are like this like that blah blah blah and all. I found my mom opposite of all.
                  3.1. She did M.A. not for the sake of collecting degree or getting a job. She did just because she was into the studies. A die hard fan of study and reading.
                  3.2. She loves cricket more than us knows more rules than us(brother,dad n me).
                  3.3. Watching all those crappy saas bahu serials very less often.
                  3.4. She didn't spoon feed us( We brothers are doing our laundry and dusting since childhood).
                  3.5. Hardly found of jewellery and fashion.
                  3.6 Helping dad in the business of school i.e. teaching, monitoring , managing ,directing etc.
                  3.7. Not very emotional- I can't be sure about this point but all I can say unlike most women(as stereotyped)who used to use emotions as there weapons to make something happen against the will of her husband, I never found my mom doing this. Secondly my mom's emotions never came into the way of pursuing my higher education as my hometown is Sasaram and did my graduation from Delhi. She was always cheerful while saying a good bye while leaving my home town every time.
     4.  Been with my dad from his worst to best.

Examples set my Dad-
  1. Man of steel - You may not believe it but he is my man of steel because of several reasons. First of all he is very hard worker. I have seen him working since 5 A.M. to 9 P.M. on daily basis for several years. I still think how is that possible -Dad!. He took rest from his home tuition profession only after getting a govt job.Secondly I have hardly any memory of my dad fallen sick - so I have very solid reasons to say him Man of Steel.
  2. Having mentality ahead of his generation- I have multiple points on this point.
              2.1.   Having 3 or 4 children was very common in my Father's generation but my father has decided to keep it only two. Hats off Dad !!.
              2.2.    I have asked many men and found that still it is pretty difficult to get them involved in family planning. But my father did in that generation. Here is the link if you have any doubts-
             2.3.    Strictness according to age- This is a very crucial thing in the parenting. My dad always know that when and how much freedom we boys deserve(applies to both bros). Like after passing my 10th I wanted to go to movie[Main Hoon naa] with friends for the first time and my mom denied strictly then I have to say it to Dad. He said Yes instantly. Dad you are great - love you .
             2.4.    Helping mom in house hold chores - This will be rarely find in the men of my Dad's in the small town like Sasaram.
             2.5.     Helped mom to get her masters done despite my dad having only graduate degree.

      3. Treating my mom like queen- Love and care this is what I am still learning from my mom and Dad. My dad takes very much care of mom. I never saw my dad yelling at my mom. There were situations of disconnect and disagreement but it never happened that it lead to any physical fight. So I have learn to respect women from Dad which is very much absent from many men.

      4.  Helped me to take interest in maths and science. He took care of my studies till 7-8th grade or you can say until got another tutor. My dad also taught me importance of English despite I was studying in hindi medium till my 10th.

 As my mom and dad getting older and more experienced it is being reflected by their hairs - they are graying out of experience , to solve this problem they rely on their expert named as Godrej - 

Describing mom and dad can go on and on...

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