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Friday, May 15, 2015

The joy of Starting

I don't know whether I am writing anything new or not but I just wanted to express myself.
Everybody  knows starting is one of the toughest thing in your course of action.
We need to understand that why we usually don't start anything we wanted to do for a long time.
There are two major reasons for our delayed starting.
1. Our Laziness
2. Fear of failure.

1. Our Laziness: We usually don't show laziness when it becomes important for us to do something. But laziness strikes when things are not immediately harming us.
I will take a very example for this- Going to GYM. [It is a common new year resolution which people make every year. But very few of them continue this for long.
Reason is simple. Not exercising doesn't harm us immediately and so comes our laziness.
2. Why do fear to start something new - reason being we hate to get fail. Nobody likes to get fail. I will give a very general example for this.
Many times two compatible persons don't get along just for the reason of getting rejected. A boy may have a secret crush on a girl and girl likes him too.
But fear of rejection is holding both of them. This is one of few reasons that we have missed many great couple stories till date.
Similar in the case of greeting random people in our office. In our office we usually fail to recognise that there are many people who work before your coming to office to look office neat and clean.
We greet our colleagues and supervisors only. I don't know how many of you can recognise your gatekeeper or sweeper outside your office premises. What it takes to greet them- A simple Good Morning - That's it.
I have seen that if started giving love and respect to someone I get more love, affection and respect from that person. Although this situation may not hold true for everyone.
But what's harm in giving love if we can't get back same love. Love is not money if you keep giving - it will run our after sometime. In the race of money we have forgotten that what is the glue which has bounded all of us. - It's none of the other than- love. In today world it seems money is the cement which has bounded us- that's why once the money is gone- all the connections are lost.
That's why friendship, relationship just became a dictionary term now a days.

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