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Saturday, June 13, 2015

That day - Part 1

What we usually plan doesn't end that way always. This holds true for smaller period as soon as longer period too. Even planning for a single day can go wrong by several factors.So what I planned ahead of the day was to get her admission to MBA college and after that we have to go to Hauz Khas village to celebrate her admission. I didn't tell her in advance this planning. I wanted to tell her my planning only after the admission.The day was 12th of June 2015.Before going to sleep on 11th June  I adjusted my alarm to 6:30 am. But I woke up around 5:35 am. So nevertheless I woke up and finished my ritual at a slower rate to kill some more time.Left my flat around 6:50 as I had to meet her at Saket. I reached Saket at 7:50, and my girlfriend came at 7:55😊. We reached the college at 9:30 am to get admission. But it was to be started at 10 so we did a small and quick breakfast.

We reached to the waiting hall where candidates were being called for the admission one by one. We were fifth by the arrival of time.
But they went on ranking basis. Which she was 24 out of 30. Seeing this our estimated time to leave campus shifted to 2 pm from 12 pm. So my surprise party plan also shifted.
We were in the waiting hall sitting for our turn not knowing when our turn will come up, this made us bore to the hell with nothing to do and nobody else to talk.

As we were in the waiting hall all we could do is whisper while talking. This was one of the boring day of our life with even our phones died in the search of removing boredom.
Boredom drained our all energy gathered through light breakfast even to remove our seriousness we have to move into the waiting room here and there with no motive.
We got free around 4 pm then we had some snacks . As we had no energy we thought to go to our homes, but somehow the idea of getting boozed in our favorite bar kept us motivated as I told her my plan for the day.

Now we were in our favorite bar in the Hauz Khas village having pitcher and pizza as snacks, then suddenly we noticed that they were organizing DJ night with Allu Arju and Anushka Manchanda.
I am a huge fan of Anushka Manchanda and she gets blown by Allu's dance step. Before reading this information we were two lazy people enjoying the booze with no intention of moving any body part. But as the party started we feed energy to ourselves through eyes(Allu's Dance) and ears(Anushka Manchanda's singing).

Dance and song stared with Dance Basanti , then followed by Dum Maaro Dum then many more mixed songs. Both of them totally rocked the dance floor. We both danced for straight 4 hours despite of being tired and bored through out the day. When we woke up next we were rejuvenated ie we had our #MaxFreshMove .. Thanks Allu and Anushka we both love you .

I am blogging for activity Are you?

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